Ana María Aldón delivers verdict on her relationship with Ortega Cano: ‘It’s too late’


Anna Maria Alden Response to a special declaration of love Jose Ortega Cano. Last Monday, the matador sat Anna Rosa’s show After months of rumors and speculation, it’s the first time the couple is going through what they’re going through. Ortega Cano was honest with reporters when he returned to the set and said he had no intention of separating from the Andalusian, although he also admitted he didn’t have a smooth communication with her and didn’t know why. Most striking, however, is the message the right-handed sent his wife, in which he assured her that “his semen is still strong” and then asked her to give himself a chance “to find that girl». As expected, some The word elicited many reactions.

Anna Maria Alden and Emma Garcia. / media collection

While the matador apologized for his remarks in the face of the media uproar caused by his remarks, it was only now that he reacted. Anna Maria Alden. collaborators sit reunion She also talked about how she experienced the comments from her still husband. Anna Maria has realised she was “ashamed and embarrassed” by what the matador said. «I don’t want to see that because I think the first victim of this unfortunate phrase is him and I don’t like seeing him suffer. I think he suffered for it, he realised it late and felt bad,” Ms Sanluca said before Emma Garcia asked questions.

Ana María Aldón talks to Emma García. / media collection

But this is not the only thing Ana María Aldón has said, unlike Ortega Cano, she is outspoken about the possibility of reconciliation: “He is not in love, if he is in love, he will not do certain things”, commenting on Design Teacher, revolving around her husband’s comments that he assures that he still loves her. Likewise, Anna Maria claimed that Ortega did know what caused the couple’s estrangement, even though there was “nothing to do” right now. What he does want to clarify is that, given some recent insinuations, he has never been mistreated by a matador. Ortega Cano I didn’t give him a good deal.

When a collaborator asked her why she continued to live under the same roof if the relationship fell apart, Anna Maria said she was in no rush to end the relationship: «I don’t have any situation, I don’t stretch gum, I’ve had enough. Don’t let anyone force me to make hasty decisions, we do when my husband and I decide »the designer said she assured the couple remained cordial, although she insisted the separation “would happen because it was late,” Anna Maria declared.


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