Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano: 365 days of chaos


Anna Maria Alden Yes Jose Ortega Cano They went through a gradual fall into the void, which is especially striking today. Every year since 2018, on September 27, the couple has celebrated their wedding anniversary. It was then that they signed the pledge before the notary, Honorio Romero de Zaragoza. Days later, they celebrated the good news with their loved ones with joy and excitement, but four years later, things are very different. All of this leaves distance, indifference and ominous omen in a relationship that seems to be touched by death but still alive.

Although the tailor would prefer to say that her wedding anniversary was when they celebrated their wedding anniversary with family and friends in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (September 30), the truth is that their signature as husband and wife was four days earlier. Since then, three anniversaries have passed together, and love and complicity prevail, which is a problem for this year’s event.

Anna Maria and Ortega, walking

The marital situation is critical, and it has been made worse in recent months by the interventions and appearances of one and the other. Neither side has confirmed the break, but neither has denied it. Earlier this month, Ortega and Ana reconnected, but they did so in public. is summer. Right-handed complains ‘things are getting out of hand’ and admits ‘We can’t go on like this anymore’. However, his wife does not seem to agree with him: «I find it a bit ridiculous. Well, in some marriages it’s a matter of two people, and in others there are too many ».

365 days ago, when these marital problems weren’t so deep-rooted, Ortega Cano wanted to surprise his wife with one of the most romantic plans. He accidentally took her to a clinic that specializes in feminine care for couples massage. In fact, she is powerless to declare her love to the four winds: “l?: ????: ?????????????????♥♥♥♥♥Resource♥♥).

Now the question is on the table: Will there be a similar celebration this year? It seems hard to imagine, since several factors, some external, would exacerbate their situation. First, Jose Ortega Cano’s unwavering support for his daughter, Glory Camilla, which transforms into Enemy No. 1 of Anna Maria Ordon.It’s no secret that their relationship it’s brokenbut Rocio Jurado’s widower did not hesitate to call Heaven’s Nightmare Dressing her daughter less than 48 hours ago, this is the first edition contestant reality show.

Gloria Camilla at her father's wedding
Gloria Camilla at her father’s wedding

On the other hand is Gloria’s boyfriend figure, who becomes the guardian angel of the father-in-law while his daughter participates in the Mediaset program. Will she part with the matador during her wedding anniversary?

As if that wasn’t enough, panorama gets worse after rumors third person in marriage. A ‘special friend’ who has a relationship with Ana María Aldón makes the designer explode: «This is completely wrong. Action will be taken. I’m sad because he doesn’t belong in this world. It’s a classy, ​​united, kids, wonderful family…it’s very unfair that they have to be dirty with four villains who want to invent things (…) It’s very unfair that I can’t live a normal life , because they can invent something like this. Something that makes another family so miserable. It’s unfair and shouldn’t be allowed,” he said on the TV space where he works.

Anna Maria Aldon in
Anna Maria Aldon in “It’s Already Summer”

What to say if Ortega Cano’s daughter has a lot to say on the couple’s downfall gem olden. Andalusian woman’s daughter sitting luxury saturday Make it clear that he has advised his mother to turn her life around without him: «I want my mother to be separated and I want her to be happy. I personally never had any conflict with him. But I don’t like the treatment of my mother and some of the contempt I’ve seen ». The cocktail of all these ingredients is too bitter for the two protagonists of this story.


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