Ana María Aldón and her countdown to the move


Start a new life for Ana Maria Aldon. The clearest example that, when a door is closed, a window can be opened. And it is that, although they have been difficult months in which she has not only had to face her divorce, but her mental health as well, Now it seems to be resurfacing like a phoenix. A 180-degree change in his life that has started by leaving the marital home.

Ana María Aldón in a photocall

Although she still lives with her husband, Ortega Cano, the designer already has a new home where to start from scratch A bright apartment and within a radius of 20 kilometers from the school of the little one who has had a hard time finding. However, everything comes. “I have found what I can afford. And I can’t take the child out of where he lives and put him in a cage either ”, has been clear in front of the Gtres cameras. Despite the fact that it has been rumored that the Telecinco collaborator would have made the decision to remain in the bullfighter’s house until the end of the school year, nothing could be further from the truth. “I have not said anything about the entire course, that has been said by the others. But hey, you only have to deny or skip the comments, ”she has sentenced.

Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano for Madrid / Gtres
Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano in Madrid

The winner of the first edition of Mediafest Night Fever has made it clear that the move will be imminent because, although there are still things to change to adapt the property to your liking, it is clear that you will start the year settled in your new home “even if I don’t have a mattress”, as he has confessed between laughs. And it is that, after the storm comes calm and, although a few months ago it hit bottom, now it is coming out of that well. A change that has also been noticed by her closest circle, as Luis Rollan, who now sees her happier than ever. “I see her as great and I see her as strong. She has had a hard time and she is not only a partner, she is a friend ”, she has opened up.

Ana María Aldón and Luis Rollán at an event / Gtres
Ana María Aldón and Luis Rollán at an event

Now a new path begins in which she will not walk alone: ​​”The main thing is to have a good head and, above all, want to get up in the morning, face the day and push the cart. The head is the motor of the body and of your life”. However, in the last few hours, there has been speculation about a problem that the right-hander would have put in her divorce agreement. Apparently, when it seemed that both parties had agreed the keys to their separation, someone from the bullfighter’s environment has not finished looking favorably on these conclusions, which would have led them not to sign the agreement for the moment. Some rumors that Ana María has completely denied: “What I have to say is that he is his son, he is not going to take the bread out of his son’s mouth. And the child has to continue in the same conditions as now, nothing more “.

Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano walking / Gtres
Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano walking

Likewise, the collaborator of Party He has made it clear that the divorce will be closed when the time comes, since rushing is not among his plans. “There are no changes. We reached an agreement on the first day and the agreement is maintained”, he has sentenced. And it is that, although he has explained that between the two of them a lawyer is not necessary, things could change. However, it is a personal issue that she is not going to pronounce: “I have not discussed the agreement or the terms and I will continue without doing so because it is a private agreement and everything concerns the child”.


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