Ana Luke avoids reunion with Olga Moreno in surprising gesture


Although the friendship between Olga Moreno While Anna Luke seems unbreakable, the truth is that it has come to an end.The reason for the two contestants survivor They have chosen to go their separate ways, even though they have been in charge of making people see that they no longer have the same connection they had a few months ago.

Ana Luque / Gtres with sunglasses

Proof of this is what happened this afternoon in Malaga, after publicly acknowledging her relationship with ex Agustín Etienne, Anthony David Flores She went to a beauty center, and coincidentally, Anna Luke was also planning to go there in a few minutes. What the media present could not imagine was that the hostility between them was like this, As soon as the latter knew that Olga was there, he decided to turn around and leave as quietly as possible..

Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne / Gtres
Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne / Gtres

In some of the images taken by the Gtres agency, it can be seen how the reporter was responsible for informing Anna that her friend was in the same place she wanted to enter. In this way, the protagonist embarks on a different path from her original plan, trying to avoid meeting with the ex of the former police officer again, so as to avoid uncomfortable situations, and it will also be recorded. according to. According to herself, though, Luke did touch on some of the issues surrounding Moreno when she was already going to the supermarket to ‘buy’, like her recent romance with her agent:”How happy, he is happy is what I wish himshe assured, while also acknowledging that she had also had the opportunity to deal with Augustine before: “know him to me. When I was on the show in defense of Olga, I talked to him several times.They are a great couple‘, she concluded, leaving the communicator, ending her visibly tense conversation.

Kiko Matamoros, Ana Luque and Lara Álvarez in
Kiko Matamoros, Ana Luque and Lara Álvarez in “Survivor” / Telecinco

Nonetheless, the fact is that these gestures suggest that little of the friendship the two had touted a year earlier, when Ana Luque acted as Olga Moreno’s perfect defender during his visit . survivor, and thus, due to his spontaneity, received a pass for the next edition. Given the situation, Ana has not hesitated to publicly express her discomfort with Olga in recent months, having been “disappointed” that Augustine Etienne’s current partner did not adequately defend her while in Honduras.This would especially hurt Luke, which is why he didn’t want to take up the position since then, and he developed unbreakable friendships with some of his peers, like Annabel Pantoya And Tania Medina, with whom he recently traveled to New York.


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