Ana de Armas: Marilyn of Spain just one step closer to surpassing Penelope Cruz


Phenomenon weapon annie at the highest level after the premiere blonde on Netflix.The actress became the skin of a historical icon Marilyn Monroe And her wonderful performance received a wave of praise. Not so much the film spreads its opinion among admirers and critics, but whatever it is, it managed to sneak into the content platform’s competitive top 10. stream media. So much so that it has already been said that the Hispanic Cuban is the best candidate for the Best Actress Oscar in 2023.

Ana de Armas’ character in the film spawned two trends. Heirs to Marilyn Monroe’s estate are pleased with the Spanish interpretation and applaud. However, the biographical treatment of the film has been the subject of debate. For example, Emily Ratajkowski criticized her for being “obsessed with the suffering of women.” The creators knew this was a divisive film, but they still dared to put it out and it was a notable success.

right confidence ben affleck’s ex as a star blonde Since its premiere, it has been recognized by mass baths. Ana de Armas’ parody with her character and magnetism It was produced in the audience in every scene, which made the professional media just applaud it.

The official line is that his Oscar race has begun. The goal is ambitious, and probably unreasonable if you take into account some external factors, such as the fact that Netflix titles don’t usually win. Professional media pointed out that the film academy has a bad relationship with the red “N” platform.

If we make it to the end and lift the figurine, we will be faced with the confirmation of the illustrious Spanish star in the film mecca. blonde It’s a clear confirmation of her being one of the actresses of the moment in the competitive world of Hollywood. It has the support of the director and the love of the public, which is a very complicated thing. Who will tell her when she’s just a girl? practice.

If the film industry decides to reward Ana de Armas next March, she will be equal to Penelope Cruz As the only Spanish actress to win an Oscar. La de Alcobendas won Best Supporting Actress in 2009 Vicky Christina Barcelona. In other categories, Spanish women won other awards: Pilar Revuelta: Oscar for Best Production Design Pan’s Labyrinth (2007) and Montse Ribé: Oscar for Best Makeup for the same movie.

Ana de Armas of San Sebastian / Gtres

At this point, the question arises: where is the roof of Ana de Armas? Will he surpass Penelope Cruz? A star is bornLady Gada and Bradley Cooper sing.


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