Ana de Armas Dazzled in a Black Louis Vuitton Dress


Marilyn Monroe’s biography received critical acclaim and took Ana de Arms’ career to the next level. Of course, the actress has been in the news for all the right reasons, but our focus is on Ana’s figure, who storms her stuff in this adorable dress while mocking her assets.

The dress featured a fitted black velvet bodice with decorative trim that extended to a white skirt with floral appliqués and silver studs. She added elegant sparkle, silver jewelry, and accessories with a classic updo to add impact to her ensemble.

The blonde actress, who appeared on the red carpet, gave various poses to highlight her body with her outfit. Gentlemen!

Ana De Armas, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, has been taking over newsstands lately. this Blonde The actress has appeared on many magazine covers to promote her controversial film.

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Here you can check out some photos of Ana de Armas. Governors Awards.

The 34-year-old actor dazzled in a silk-white outfit with Marilyn Monroe influences. Long white silk gloves, Marilyn Monroe’s other favorite accessory, completed the look in a strapless white silk dress that hugged Ana de Armas’ stunning curves. More than 293 thousand of Ana’s 8.7 million followers liked her gorgeous cover art.

Meanwhile, who knows if Ana de Armas’s fantastic portrayal of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe will win her first Oscar?

Blonde had its world premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival in September, and then had very little theatrical release in the United States. Dominick’s vivid portrayal of Monroe’s life has been criticized by critics and audiences alike for its exploitative and immoral approach, an interesting finding given the mixed reactions to the film. However, his performance received rave reviews.

While it was controversial that a Cuban actress played a major role in the film, her outstanding performance helped cool the acclaim.

De Armas attended Deadline’s The Contenders Movie: Los Angeles with actor Adrien Brody. During their discussion of Blonde, she touched on what it took to portray Marilyn/Norma Jeane in an extraordinary way.

“It was important to find the emotional truth in this character. One of the major themes of this movie is the private and public self. Norma Jeane was completely invisible. I wanted to capture the essence of that woman, to find the person underneath.

It was a long process of examining herself and her films, figuring out how she felt from the start, and she always thought that Norma never thought, for the most part, that she could live up to Marilyn. What people thought of him wasn’t what he felt.”


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