An MEP cuts Iranian women’s hair and criticizes Josep Borrell for lack of courage


Iranian-Swedish MEP, Abil Sahrani, Join this Tuesday Support for Iranian women and fighting the repression they suffered.He did it by getting in the carHead to the Speakers Gallery of the European Parliament with some Scissors with which She cut her hair into a cry of “woman, life and freedom”.

Her complaints about Iran’s far-right government and the obliteration of women and their rights from public life echoed in parliament, with Abir Al-Sahlani imitating one of the gestures of Iranian women for justice. Masha Amini was killed after being arrested for wearing the Islamic hijab incorrectly.

Posted by Abir Al-Sahlani powerful speech Criticized in front of dozens of MEPs little courage European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Joseph Borrell For not condemning the situation before the United Nations in time.

‘EU should show more courage’

“The tradition of cutting hair in protest is a millennium tradition. It shows that anger is stronger than the power of the oppressor. Women in Iran have had enough. The EU should show the same courage and give them its full support. “asked the MEP from Sweden.

In the same plenary session, and a few minutes earlier, Josep Borrell gave a speech on women’s issues in Iran, in which he opened the door take “restrictive measures” Oppose Iran’s “assassination” of Amini.

[Protestas en Irán: al menos 41 muertos tras la muerte de Masha Amini por no llevar el velo]

possible sanctions

“We will continue to consider all options at our disposal, including restrictive measures, in response to the murder of Martha Amini and the way security forces respond to the demonstrations,” Borrell said during the debate. Specifically, he said EU foreign ministers would “decide” Sanctions on Iran In their council meeting in two weeks.

European foreign affairs chief finds ‘extensive and disproportionate use of force’ ‘unreasonable’ and ‘unacceptable’ Against nonviolent protesters.

“The Iranian people, like everyone else, right to peaceful protest. It’s so simple. It is clear that this right is not guaranteed,” he said of the protests sparked by Amini’s case.

Borrell also expressed his condolences for the deaths and injuries in the demonstrations and condemned the Iranian government It cut off internet connections in many parts of the country, so people “couldn’t express their differences over what happened in Amini”. “is another Willful violation of freedom of speech domestic. I think it’s important that the European Parliament shows a unanimous response,” he said.

More women’s support: Binoche, Cotillard…

gesture Abir Sahrani It has been repeated in every corner of the world, including in Iran. There, a photo that might go down in history has become very influential and’s about a group of schoolgirls They emerged from behind, bald heads.almost everyone does cuff cut portraits of them Ayatollah Khamenei and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini.

A group of French actresses and singers, including Juliette Binoche, Marion CotillardIsabelle Adjani and Isabelle Huppert.



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