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Valencia, December 10 (EFE).- In trivial board games there comes a time when “the questions run out and everyone learns the answers” and, to avoid this, the Valencian developers have created World Challenge NFT, a combination of video game and board game that extends games “infinitely”.

This new virtual twist on the traditional game introduces educational entertainment to the world of blockchain and mobile apps.

“Above all, we wanted to bring something to society so that players learn not only about new technologies with which they can play, but about general culture”, explains its creator, Bogdan Tapu, in an interview with EFE, which explains that World Challenge NFT is a game “of questions and answers, but also of strategy”, so “even if you know a lot, you can lose”.


Tapu’s plan is to combine a board game and a video game in the same environment, which can be played together or separately, although he sees the classic board as “a bridge to get people to learn about the blockchain technology and digital assets”.

The game, which the businessman and his team are presenting this weekend at the DreamHack festival in Valencia, has a box as its gateway, which houses the physical board with its tokens but also a QR code which, “like a scratch card”, allows the player to download an “app” with the video game or to access it from the web.

“The video game is free with the box, you don’t have to pay extra to play,” Tapu points out, explaining that the box contains 400 questions but online play is almost “infinite”.

In this way, players can use the board but complete the game with the “online” questions, play entirely online or only in its physical desktop version.


The application is not only endless in terms of questions, but also offers avatars for players, designed as NFTs (short for ‘non-fungible tokens’), i.e. what Bogdan Tapu calls them “digital collectibles”. .

These are digital illustrations of characters that are earned as the player guesses the answers, much like the “cheesies” in Trivial: “There are 9,999 different characters, a result of the year we spent to design these objects, giving them a specific artistic orientation”.

“The idea is that, later on, digital artists can upload their collections to our platform, so that they can promote themselves and users can redeem their in-game points for digital art,” explains the creator of World Challenge NFT.

And it is that, he claims, one of the main attractions of the game is that the player will be “rewarded” with tokens, that is, the internal currency of the game, such as stars or scores in other apps.

With this “reward”, players will be able to upgrade their character’s avatar, “purchase” their clothes, powers, or even purchase other digital art avatars.

In addition, a “world” ranking will order, week by week, the best players, those who have obtained the most correct answers and the highest number of coins.

This “visibility” is not only intended to be a motivator for players, but also to allow them to present themselves as experts in a field and even to establish working contacts.

“If you have the best score of the week in science, a medal is activated for you because you are a specialist in the subject, so that people can see your profile, they can follow you on the networks, chat…”, does he have details.


The use of the “blockchain” not only allows the use of digital assets, but also the connection with cryptocurrencies, as a means of rewarding players with the highest score.

For this reason, all major players can exchange their winnings in the game’s internal currency for real money if they have an account on the digital wallet platforms, which allows them to later convert the cryptocurrencies into euros. .

“We wanted to take advantage of this new technology because of the traceability it offers: the blockchain cannot be modified by anyone and people are informed of all transactions,” explains Tapu.

The World Challenge NFT is presented at this weekend’s Winter DreamHack at Feria Valencia but the presale of the box with the physical board is already activated on the game’s website, which will be released in 2023, at the same time as the ‘mobile app.

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