An illegal immigrant arrives in Grenada after traveling as a stowaway on a ferry from Morocco


The National Police took charge of a illegal immigrant who was surprised this Monday morning after traveling as stowaway in one ferry which covers the way between Nador (Morocco) and Motril (Grenade). The young man, who arrived in good health, could be minor of age, although he is awaiting osteometric tests to confirm this.

The illegal immigrant traveled hidden in the ferry intended for vehicles transported on the ship, which he would have accessed by skipping the controls established to board the ship. Morocco in order to enter Spain irregularly, according to police sources Europe Hurry.

If it is confirmed that it is an unaccompanied minor, it will remain at the disposal of the services socialas foreseen for these cases, and, in any case, he will remain in police custody until his administrative situation is clarified.

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In another order of things, the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) sentenced to four and a half years in prison two men accused of dating a small boat who left from Algeria with ten other people on board bound for the mainland, who were disembarked a few meters from the Playazo de Rodalquilar in nijar (Almería) before trying to return to their original shores, although they were eventually stopped by the Civil Guard.

The decision confirms the decision of the Provincial Court of Almería regarding the observation of the subtype aggravated by the danger for people transported because the journey was made at night, in an unsuitable, overloaded and poorly maintained boat, without lights or safety measures and on a route with heavy maritime traffic.

“There is no doubt that there was some danger to the life or integrity of the people transported close enough to integrate the aggravated subtype”, indicates the Andalusian High Court in its foundations, in which it details that even the boat had “a good sized hole on the top port side, through which water could enter.

The sentence considers them well identified as skipper and helmsman to those accused of crime against the rights of foreign citizens as they were the only ones left in the boat when the rest of the occupants jumped ashore at Playazo de Rodalquilar.

“They tried to flee with her, until about 40 minutes later they made landfall on the Los Muertos Beach“Recalls the court to argue that” if they were simple passengers, they would have first disembarked with the others “. “The excuse that they couldn’t swim is nonsense, when only a few meters separated the boat from the mainland,” they added.

The facts took place on October 20 last year when the defendants, accompanied by ten other people, left the Algerian coast around 10 p.m. in a fiberglass boat 5.5 meters long by two meters wide and equipped with an 85-horsepower engine heading for the Peninsula. , although they were intercepted some eight hours later nine nautical miles from Loma Pelada by a Civil Guard patrol boat.

The defendants “ignored” the calls for attention and carried out “high-speed evasive maneuvers” with which they “endangered the integrity of the occupants”, who jumped into the water near the coast of Níjar, in a rocky area, to reach the beach on your own.

The defendants resumed their walk, trying to get back to the Algerian coast “at high speed to avoid the agents of the Service Maritime”, until they finally stopped the boat at Playa de los Muertos, in carbonrasaround 7 a.m. they began to flee on foot, being stopped on the ground moments later by Civil Guard agents.


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