An artist creates a mural where Anne Frank burns a Z for Putin in the streets of Milan


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Artist AleXsandro Palombo painted a mural on a street in central Milan in northern Italy, Depiction of Anne Frank burning a piece of paper with the letter “Z” written on itHe expressed support Invasion of Ukraine Presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The work shows a Jewish girl hiding in Amsterdam fleeing Nazi brutality with her family while setting fire to the “Z”, which the author considers a “new symbol of imperialist propaganda,” and is titled “Remember.”

“Putin’s ‘denazification’ is a great act of propaganda and mystification of reality to justify the brutal invasion of Ukraine,” Palumbo said in a statement. “Memory is our most powerful antibody against current pitfalls.” .” .

This is not “a reference to the tragic events of the Holocaust, but Complaints about the emotional impact of the propaganda war In the spread of hate and the mystification of truth, today more than ever, it finds space in mass communication and the spread of social networks.”

The intention of the internationally acclaimed Italian artist, who has exhibited in countries such as the US, Canada and France, is to issue “a warning of a (re)activating memory, a reflection on the power of symbols and the denial of childhood stimuli”.

“Images of Russian children exploited by regime propaganda and forced to promote the ‘Z’ symbol remind us of this period and another dark period in recent history, the period of Nazism. The struggle of children against children, a war that left no stone unturned,” He said.

This isn’t the first time Palumbo has portrayed Anne Frank, In 2015, she painted her in Pop’s “Farewell to Rebirth” The artist used it to address the horrors of the Holocaust, depicting the Simpsons at Auschwitz.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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