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Cupertino Group should launch an Apple Watch Series 8 connected watch this year Apple Watch SE at entry level. The other model is the rugged Apple Watch.

for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman evokes an Apple Watch for extreme sports practice. Compared with the current largest Apple Watch, its screen is nearly 2 inches diagonally, and the display area has increased by 7%. What can show more useful data for certain exercise practices.

The screen will have a definition of approximately 410 x 502 pixels and will logically benefit from more enhanced shock protection. The material of the case will be a particularly durable metal, not aluminum.

Apple dare not be big

As logically considering extreme sports directions, a larger capacity battery will be integrated to increase autonomy during training. It remains to be seen whether this will have a truly significant impact on the design of the watch, even if the relevant public is inherently less sensitive to the fashion aspects that Apple holds dear.

Like the Apple Watch Series 8, more powerful extreme sports models should utilize body temperature measurement to detect and signal fever. It will benefit from improved performance of the altimeter during hiking type activities and data during swimming.

However, it will have the same S8 chip (closer to the S7 and S6 chips) as all of the new models Apple launches at the start of the school year.

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