Amir Khan and Kell Brook will finally meet in February 2022


BOxing fans will finally get the fight they’ve been waiting for years in February 2022. Amir Khan and Kell Brook will come face to face.

Manchester will host the Matchroom Boxing fight on 19 February 2022.

The battle has been talked about for many years, but the terms were finally agreed and confirmed at a press conference held by both sides, and they met face to face in front of the press. Before they parted, they exchanged words and pushed each other, allowing the press conference to begin.

You know how much I wanted it“- said Brooke, answering the very first question.” This battle has been talked about for 17 years and the negotiations were incredibly hard work.

“It felt lost at times, but I’m glad fans will have the opportunity to see this fight.”

Each of the two fighters at different points in the past promised to knock out the other.

“We always had to fight each other, but he always seemed to shy away from it,” added Creekgetting under the skin of Khan.

“I respect him as a boxer, but I have fought two of the best boxers in the last 10 years,” Khan added. “I never ran away from him because I never needed it.

“I fought the best in the world, now I’m lowering my level because people want to see this fight. People want to see me punch him in the face, and that’s what they get. “

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