America’s 10 Richest Legal Professionals


Did you know that some of the richest professionals in the US are lawyers? In this blog post, we get to see the 10 richest lawyers in America. These attorneys have made a fortune representing some of the biggest names and corporations on this planet. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Wichai Thong

Internet price: $1.8 billion

Wichai Thongtang is a self-made billionaire who has a reported internet price tag of $1.5 billion as of 2017. He made his fortune as a company lawyer, representing high-profile buyers comparable to former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. In 2001, he effectively represented Thaksin in an asset concealment case, which catapulted him into a movie star in Thailand and abroad.

Thongtang is the founding father of the law agency Siam Authorized Worldwide, which has offices in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. The agency is reputed to be the most profitable in Thailand, and Thongtang himself is considered one of the strongest lawyers in the country.

Along with his authorized work, Thongtang can participate in numerous business ventures. He is the co-founder of the real estate developer PACE Growth Company, and is also active in several different companies, including lodging, resorts, and agriculture.

2.Charlie Munger

Internet price: $1.6 billion

charlie munger

Charlie Munger has an estimated internet price tag of $1.6 billion according to Forbes. Most of his Internet money is tied to Berkshire Hathaway, but he also has significant stakes in other public companies and private companies.

Munger began his career as a lawyer, but made the switch to fund management and contract work in the early 1960s. He teamed up with Warren Buffett in 1965 and the two have worked together ever since.

Munger is a well-known investor and thinker within the monetary community. He has written several books on investing and taught a course on monetary ideas at Harvard College for more than 25 years.

Regardless of his wealth, Munger remains very down to earth and humble. He has stated that “the main rule of being profitable is not to lose it” and that “life is too short to do things you don’t like”. These are clever phrases from a person who has really made an important deal in his life.

3. Neukom invoice

Internet price: $850 million

bill neukom

Bill Neukom is an extremely profitable lawyer and business executive. He has an internet price tag of $850 million, which he has earned from his work at Microsoft and the San Francisco Giants.

Neukom has had a long and profitable career in the business world. He served as the Microsoft Company’s lead attorney for nearly 25 years, skillfully guiding the company through treacherous antitrust and intellectual property litigation. His high-profile cases represent the “trial of the century,” also known as the United States v. Microsoft.

At Microsoft, he was in charge of managing legal and government affairs, in addition to his active philanthropic endeavors, retiring as Vice President of Law and Corporate Affairs. Neukom was ultimately chosen to serve as the president of the American Bar Affiliation from 2007-2008.

Neukom became the CEO of the San Francisco Giants from 2008-2011, guiding the staff to their first World Series victory since transferring to California in 1958. He now works as a senior counsel for the law agency Fenwick & West LLP.

Throughout his career, Neukom has been extremely profitable in every company and legislation. He has an internet quote of $850 million, making him one of the richest lawyers in America.

4. Choose Judy

Internet price: $440 million

Judge Judy

Choose Judy has a penchant for real property, tying up at least a portion of her fortune in various expensive homes across the country. She is a best-selling writer with a highly rated eBook Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining.

Much of Choice Judy’s online pricing comes from her extremely rated show, which airs on CBS. She also makes money from ebook deals and other endorsements. In addition to her lucrative television career, Choice Judy owns several expensive residences across the country.

It also decided to advance industrial air travel after 9/11. Instead, he bought his own plane, which he christened “The Judy.”

What’s unclear is how much money Choice Judy actually has. Forbes’ estimate that she’s worth $440 million, making her one of the richest women in America and the highest-paid TV host in the world seems like a good place to start, but it’s just an estimate. The fact that she has been able to amass so much wealth in just a few years speaks to her earning potential.

5. Roberto Shapiro

Internet Price: $120 million

Roberto Shapiro

Robert Shapiro is a well-known lawyer and businessman who has an Internet quote of $120 million. He gained notoriety for being on the staff responsible for exonerating OJ Simpson in the murders of Simpson’s ex-wife and Ron Goldman. Shapiro has represented buyers from Johnny Carson to Occidental Petroleum to Rockstar Power Drinks.

Although he amassed most of his wealth from his legal profession, Shapiro can be an efficient businessman. He is a founding member of LegalZoom,, and Proper Counsel. In addition, Shapiro has also played himself and a lawyer on both television and the big screen. He won the award for the most successful film from the Tenerife Worldwide Movie Pageant in 2015.

The death of his son in 2005 as a result of a drug overdose prompted Shapiro to write the children’s book Somo Dice No, which contains an anti-drug message. Along with his wife, Daphne, he founded The Brent Shapiro Foundation to help prevent teen drug abuse.

6. Willie E. Gary

Internet Price: $100 million

willie e gary

Willie E. Gary is a highly profitable trial attorney and entrepreneur who has built a formidable online market share over time. He is perhaps best known for his work suing giant corporations, including a $500 million settlement to an undisclosed Mississippi buyer. This and other high profile litigation has earned Gary vital wealth and status. He has been interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show and other talk shows.

Despite some of his current legal problems, Gary is a famous philanthropist. Along with his wife, Gloria, he funds scholarships for at-risk college students and gives support to many different causes. Combined, Gary and his wife are believed to have donated more than $5 million to charity.

7. Juan Branca

Internet Price: $100 million

John Branca

John Branca is among the richest leisure lawyers on this planet. He is priced online at $100 million, most of which comes from his work as an agent and music producer. He has represented some of the biggest names in rock and roll, including The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, and Michael Jackson.

Branca played a key role in the success of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and music video. She sought financing for the venture and helped provide it, leading to thousands upon thousands of gross album sales. He has also been involved in other lucrative music ventures, including the production of ZZ High’s Eliminator album.

8.Roy Black

Internet Price: $65 million

roy black

Roy Black is an extremely profitable civil protection and corrections trial attorney based primarily in Miami. He has represented high-profile buyers such as William Kennedy Smith, Rush Limbaugh, Kelsey Grammer, Jeffrey Epstein, and Justin Bieber.

Black has an excellent authoritative mind and is known for his well-prepared and well-presented arguments on the court docket. He scored potential valedictorian on the Florida Bar exam when he took it in 1970, and is consistently featured as an authorized commentator on national news programs.

Black can be very profitable financially. Its internet price is estimated at $65 million. This wealth comes from his few years of work in law, as well as his wife’s successful career as a current affairs television star.

9. Marcos Geragos

Internet Price: $25 million

Marcos Geragos

Mark Geragos is an extremely profitable civil litigation and prison protection attorney primarily residing in Los Angeles. He has represented many high-profile buyers, including Susan McDougal, Scott Peterson, Chris Brown, Kesha, Colin Kaepernick, and Jussie Smollett.

Geragos has been involved in some very high-profile cases, which no doubt helped boost his price online. His work in the class action suit against New York Life Insurance Coverage and AXA secured sizeable settlements on behalf of Armenians for unpaid life insurance policies issued during the time of the Armenian Genocide. In addition, he efficiently represented McDougal in his Whitewater case.

All of this work has resulted in a truly spectacular internet price for Geragos. It is estimated to have an internet price tag of $100 million. This wealth has allowed him to live a very comfortable lifestyle and enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer.

10.Alan Dershowitz

Internet Price: $25 million

alan dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz is a highly revered attorney and professor at Harvard Law School. He has an internet price tag of $25 million.

Dershowitz has had an extensive and profitable career in law. He was the youngest tenured professor of law at Harvard at age 28, serving until his retirement in 2013. Since then, he has continued to work within his expertise in constitutional and prison law as a frequent political commentator, authoritative analyst, and contributor. media.

One of Dershowitz’s most high-profile cases was his defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh against rape allegations brought by Julie Swetnick prior to Kavanaugh’s assertion.

Dershowitz recently cemented his legacy as a family name along with Donald j. Trump’s current impeachment trial. He initially joined Trump’s protection team, even offering to work for free in an effort to bring in the president. However, he later withdrew from the team after increasing disagreements with other members over the technique.

The list of America’s Richest Lawyers is a testament to the facilities and earning potential of licensed occupation. These ten attorneys have made fortunes from their work as litigators, negotiators, and advisers. While some on this list won’t surprise, there are several names that will surprise. At the top of the record is Wichai Tangtang with an estimated internet price tag of $1.8 billion. With a lot of money at stake, it’s clear that being a profitable lawyer will be very profitable. What do you suppose? Are these salaries deserved or are they indicative of a broken system? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!


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