American Plan of Rescue: How to Get Extra Months of Rent Assistance


Teconomy in United States slowly starting to recover, but millions of citizens face uncertainty due to high rents, fear of eviction and lack of basic housing security.

The affordable housing crisis in the US has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with social disparities widening as people lose their jobs and face severe financial hardship.

To try to help those who need it most, Emergency Rental Assistance Program provided funding to help households that are having trouble when it comes to paying rent or utilities.

in ERA1 provided $25 billion as part Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021while ERA2 provided $21.55 billion as part American Plan of Salvation Act, 2021.

This money went directly to states, US territories, local governments and, in the event ERA1 program, Indian tribes. Anyone who receives funds can use them as part of existing or newly created rental assistance programs.

Applying for rental assistance

To get some financial support for rental assistance, you can go to Consumer finance website to find out what rental assistance programs are available where you live.

You just need to select the state or territory where you live and then select the county. From there, you’ll see program names pop up and a link that will take you to the program itself, where you’ll find more information about what’s on offer and how to apply.

Total 511 rental assistance programs are available in the US, so you should find one that is relevant to you.


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