American Finances News: Gas price stimulus checks and other inflation-fighting tips


TOs gas prices and inflation in general continue to rise in USAGEAmericans are looking for ways to save money, and today in American Financial Blog Liveeste Tuesday, March 29.

We will also share the latest developments in the financial world, including updates Medicaid income limits, IRS tax refund and much more. So, stay tuned for the latest news about benefits programs in the US.

Gas Price Tip: Buy on the cheapest day of the week

Gas prices have been a major concern for Americans for weeks now. They have increased as a result of the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, and refilling the tank is becoming a very expensive undertaking.

may be Testing Gas Price Incentivesbut until this is confirmed, you need to look for others inflation control tips. One of them might be to choose which day you fill out more carefully. According to a 2021 study by travel and navigation app GasBuddy, the lowest average gas price in most countries in the US is on Monday. This was also the case in their studies in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

you can read here about the best days to fill up your car with petrol.

New Medicaid Income Limits

With each new year, the income eligibility limits for Medicaid change slightly. It’s quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what this is for the average person because there are so many factors and the amounts vary in certain states.

The income criterion is based on Federal poverty ratewhich the $13,590 for individuals in 2022 and is the basis for calculating the right.

you can Learn more about Medicaid in 2022 and income caps here.

US Supply Chain Issues

One of the main reasons for the surge in US gas prices was sanctions against Russia, when the US suddenly had to look for alternative sources of fuel.

The White House is urging local shale producers to compensate for unsold Russian oil, but as The Economist notes, this is not a quick process and will take some time.

Why is the tax refund delayed?

It’s tax season in the US, but many people who have already filed their 2021 tax returns are still waiting for their refunds to be paid. “The IRS is warning taxpayers not to rely on a refund by a certain date, especially when making large purchases or paying bills,” the IRS announced.

There are several different reasons for this, such as a general delay at the IRS right now, or there may be errors in how you filed.

you can Read more about possible reasons for delaying your 2022 tax return here..


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