American Finance Update: Inflationary stimulus, student loan write-offs…


Many people in United States discover that they currently have to keep track of their spending due to increase in gas prices And rising inflationbut there are some programs offered by both federal and state governments try to help as many citizens as possible.

In our live blog this Wednesday, April 6, we will cover the latest preferential programs which were introduced to support the Americans.

COLA Social Security: When does your fourth check arrive?

More Social Security checks should be mailed to you, and they will be mailed on the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays according to your dates of birth.

If checks are not sufficient to meet people’s basic needs, they may also be eligible for SSI.

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Student loan pause: how to take advantage of Biden’s latest extension

Federal student loan payments were due to resume on May 1, but Joe Biden wants to delay that until August 31, but how will that affect college students?

Nearly seven million loans are outstanding, meaning they are at least 270 days overdue. As such, outstanding loans will not be asked to make any repayments until August 31st.

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Dogecoin: what impact will Elon Musk’s recent investment in Twitter have on its price

After Musk bought a stake in Twitter, making him the social network’s largest shareholder, what would happen to Dogecoin was thought by many to mean a jump in the value of the cryptocurrency.

Musk has been a supporter of cryptocurrencies and Tesla has announced that it will accept Dogecoin as a payment method.

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Student loan forgiveness

Some US graduates may receive student loan debt is erased if some requirements are met.

One of the main criteria is that this can only happen after a 10-year period during which 120 payments have been made.

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Inflationary incentives

in rising inflation in the US has led several states to want to send stimulus checkpayments to its citizens, given that some states have budget surpluses.

To date, five states have introduced tax breaks for their residents, and the Gas Rebate Act of 2022 has been signed into law by three governors.

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Credit for the care of children and dependents

Any parents who have to pay for childcare in the US can receive some financial support through Credit for the care of children and dependents.

As long as you are a parent who has to look after a child under 13 but still needs to go to work, you may be eligible.

American Finance Update: Inflationary stimulus, student loan write-offs...

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Tax refund in Georgia

The state of Georgia has budget surplus and that led Gov. Brian Kemp to sign the bill House Act 1302which will benefit those who filed income tax returns in the 2020 and 2021 tax years.

Yes $250 check for singles and those who are married but file separately while there $375 payment for the head of the family and $500 check for married couples applying jointly.

American Finance Update: Inflationary stimulus, student loan write-offs...

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