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American ephemeris from September 2021: it happened in the history of the USA:

Goodbye “United Colonies”

This year, 1776, is experiencing a busy period in the colonies. For example, on September 9, a year after the start of the War of Independence, and two months after the declaration of independence, the Continental Congress decides to change the country’s name and rename it “United States.”

The victim of Nathan Hale

British reinforcements landed on Long Island and George Washington faces them to maintain control of New York. On September 12, his workers landed 21-year-old young man Nathan Hale disguised as a job-seeking professor behind rows of red coats. Nathan begins his espionage career and knows the price if the English catch him. The latter take Manhattan and organize raffles for American patriots. Nathan Hale was arrested on September 21, along with 200 other people. The next day he is taken to the gallows. As Nathan Hale passed the noose around his neck, he fired one of the American founding cries, “I only regret that I could only lose one life for my country”!

A magnificent statue of Nathan Hale in front of the (equally magnificent) Chicago Herald Tower. Photographic credit: Jerry Silverman CC BY-SA 3.0

Arnold’s crimes

Speaking of the spy, five years after Nathan Hale’s death on September 6, 1781, General Benedict Arnold ordered a fire in New London, a city in Connecticut where Hale was a teacher. All houses are burned. After Benedict Arnold was a continental hero and then a traitor, he became a symbol of disgust.

Victory of Yorktown

But Arnold does not smile at his transgressions for long. Twenty-two days after its collapse, 240 years ago, on September 28, 1781, Franco-American friendship will write a page of history at the expense of the English: a decisive battle, the last great earthly confrontation of the War of Independence. Before Yorktown, he commanded American troops Washington and Lafayette, supported by the French led by Rochambaud. The Admiral of King François-Joseph de Grasse of France then banned any naval access to Yorktown with his fleet. The siege and heroic attacks lasted until October 17 and the surrender of British General Cornwallis. America is not yet truly independent … but the most difficult day has already been reached.

Lafayette and Washington in Yorktown
Lafayette and Washington in Yorktown


On September 4, 1886, 135 years ago, the immense Apache warrior (and shaman) Geronimo, tired of the 40-year battles, finally surrendered and declared, ” This is the fourth time I have given up “.


The assassination of McKinley

His economic prowess and rapid victory in the Spanish-American War ensured the re-election of Republican William McKinley in 1900. However, this turn of the century was marked by anarchist violence. On September 14, 1901, 120 years ago, a worker shot him twice in the abdomen during a meeting in Buffalo. McKinley is one of four American presidents to be assassinated.


Enterprise without Spock

On September 17, 1976, 45 years ago, the first shuttle was tested on the back of the aircraft. It was called the “Enterprise” in honor of the Star Trek.

Does not matter

On September 24, 1991, the American Rebellion underwent a reflection that, after the release of Nevermind’s album, the second of the Nirvana group, whose first title “meant a whole generation” Smell like the spirit of a teenager“It drives the band and its singer to the peak of its popularity, which is hard to imagine. it was thirty years ago.

Nervermind, Nirvana's second record


Terrorism is meant to be terrorized, and from this point of view … Osama bin Laden has succeeded in his sinister project. Suicide attacks using four planes hijacked by 19 hijackers plunge America into incredible psychosis. For the first time in a long time, the country no longer feels invulnerable, as 2,977 deaths must be condemned, to which more than 6,000 injured must be added: the United States has been hit on its own soil. The consequences will be enormous, in particular the two major conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also the securing of American public and private space, the effects of which can still be seen 20 years later.

The dedication of the “first respondents” is also an important historical indicator of the country. No one has forgotten the 343 firefighters and 60 police officers killed at the World Trade Center in Manhattan after volunteering. Let them rest in peace.

Firefighters in Manhattan after 9/11
Firefighters in Manhattan after 9/11 (Photo: Public Domain)


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