American Anita Alvarez collapsed in a swimming pool during the FINA World Championships in Budapest.


TThe artistic freestyle final was just one of the scariest FINA World Championship. American Anita Alvarezis trained by a Spaniard Andrea Fuentescollapsed during an exercise and had to be rescued by a coach who jumped into the water to retrieve her and a competition assistant.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

The American team reported that this this is not the first time this has happened to her.. It happened to her last year at qualifying trials. She is out of danger and will be examined in the coming days to determine the cause of her second fainting in less than a year.

Alvarez finished seventh behind the Spaniard. iris youwho, at the age of 19, scored 89.7000 points in a tournament in which Japan went to gold. Yukiko Inui (95.3667), silver from Ukraine Martha Fiedina (93.8000) and bronze for Greece Gospels of Plataniotti (91.7667).

Coach’s words

“It was a good fear, I had to dive in because the rescuers didn’t. I was scared because I saw that she was not breathing, but now she feels great, she is at her best,” she said. Andrea FuentesUSA Swimming Coach.

The experience was unpleasant for Fuentes, who, after a moment of alarm, gave details of her experience at a pool in Budapest, Hungary.

“Anita is much better, she is already in better shape. It was a good fear, to be honest. I jumped into the water again because I saw that no one, not even the lifeguard, was diving. She wasn’t breathing, but now she’s fine. He needs to rest. Tomorrow he will rest all day and he will be fine for the final team,” the sources added hours later. exclusive words for BRAND.


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