Amelia Bono gets the perfect combination with this Uterqüe vest


Now you can buy the garment of the moment that is 100% Christmas. Amelia Bono gets perfect match with this vest Uterqüe. The influencer manages to make this vest fashionable, which you can now wear, but in a different color, really colorful and modern.

With this garment you will shine during all the parties because that is what you deserve to spend the holidays with your loved ones.

The perfect combination with this Uterqüe vest

Is one jacket glitter with pearl applications. Within a collection inspired by the new comfort, with a vibrant color palette that indicates optimism.

This is how the glitter tip stands out, as do the stylish colored pearl applications, with V-neckline and ribbed surfaces. ANDThe price of the vest is 99 euros, and it is now in green and in sizes S and M.

It is made of different materials: on the outside it is 57% nylon, 12% polyester, 11% viscose, 10% wool and 10% metal fiber.

In Uterqüe, they suggest wearing it with a blue shirt on the inside and also in checkered pants of the same color. A really colorful and lively look to be able to enter the most positive way in 2022.

What should you wear this vest with?

For Christmas holidaysIn the most handsome events, and your craziest dinners, you have to wear it because it is a star garment that also gives light and daring to every event you go to.

Amelia Bono gets the perfect combination with this Uterqüe vest

Being so versatile, you will not fail at it, and you carry it with you moccasins, with heels in black And if you also dare with these silver and gold boots offer a completely different touch and more shine on our feet.

In any case, you do not go unnoticed with it, because it is the vest you have long expected and a total setback to the autumn winter season where slightly stronger colors are always the main characters. Fixed for a while, pink, glitter, green or blue they are also important at this time of year.

Amelia Bono gets the perfect combination with this Uterqüe vest

You will also be quite warm at all times. It is best to wear it with long sleeves underneath, with a white, black and blue shirt. And even with an anorak on to defy the cold more that season of months when temperatures drop completely.

You can now buy it on Uterque’s website with a single click and from home.

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