Ambitious MLS plan for further expansion


BUT A lot has happened since the World Cup in the USA in ’94. At the time, football was a sport with a limited following in the United States.

Now, 28 years later, a lot has changed. major league footballwhich will have 29 teams next year is taking giant steps to be like the four major American leagues (NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA).

In fact, it has already become the fourth largest sport in the country, overtaking hockey. nelson rodriguezright hand of MLS Commissioner Don Garber.

The last franchise to take part in the tournament is Charlotte FChad to pay $300 million to enter the competition.

Now it’s not just about money. As with other major leagues, other requirements must be met in terms of conduct, reputation, business plan, etc. to enter this select group.

“Our goal is to compete with the top European leagues,” he explains. Alfonso MondeloMLS sports director.

Those who work in MLS are hesitant to set a date, but they are convinced that they can achieve it.

They have the money, the infrastructure, and they are looking to import the techniques and knowledge of the big clubs in Europe. It’s only a matter of time.

league cup

A big part of that commitment is to ensure that the country is capable of producing its own US-trained players that are on par with their European or South American counterparts.

Investments are being made in youth football and in making it visible to the general public in North America.

One of the initiatives they hope to capture the interest of tomorrow’s footballers is the League Cup, a tournament that will see all MLS and Mexican league teams face each other in a format similar to the World Cup or the Champions League.

Another big bet is the 2026 World Cup, which is set to take place in the US, Mexico and Canada.

“If the 1994 World Cup helped establish the sport in the country, then the 2026 World Cup should be another big leap forward.” mondelo said.

“This should serve as a landmark. Those who come will understand how things have changed here. They will see convenience, professionalism, standard of living.

“It will be an attraction not only for the players, but for everyone involved. From massage therapist to gardener.

MLS will be broadcast worldwide

An agreement that was recently signed with Apple broadcasting all matches of the competition around the world should also help.

“The contract was for 2.5 billion euros, but the economic aspect is not important in this case,” the director added.

“You will be able to watch all the matches around the world. This will change everything.”


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