Amber Heard has a new incident: her new representative for public relations is accused of sexual harassment


ISeems like things got worse Amber Heard Since she changed her public relations representative, the new person who has done a titanic job of getting Heard back on her feet in public is David Shane, who has been accused of sexual harassment.

Not only that, he also has a history of arrests for drunk driving, with the New York Post calling him an “alleged sex pest.”

He invited the reporter to his hotel, saying that she would meet Heard.

In court, Amber Heard spoke about the alleged strangulation by Johnny Depp

The New York Post also reports that David Shane made inappropriate comments to one of their reporters, calling her “beautiful” and then asked her to meet at his hotel before a scheduled interview.

DUI and alcohol problems

Shane Communications took over after the latter firm didn’t perform to Heard’s standards, then changed firms in the middle of a lawsuit and Shane didn’t seem to like it as they started digging into his past and it turned out that he has two DUIs. arrests in the state of California and was supposed to join a program for people with alcohol problems, but I reluctantly joined.

Also, Shane was kicked out of the dating app due to complaints.

To make matters worse, Holly Docker, a former model, made a Facebook post about Shane revealing how he wanted to take advantage of her in his Hollywood apartment.

“He started acting very aggressive, like ‘come to my bedroom, let’s have sex,’” she said, and then “even lied to him and said that I was on my period because I just felt so uncomfortable.”

A walking case of #MeToo in the PR world

“He said, ‘I took you on these great dates to these really great restaurants,’ hinting that I owe him.

“At this point, he became very aggressive and pushed me head down towards this [his crotch]. I told him no and stood up,” she recalls.

“He got pissed off and said, ‘I’m going to call you a fucking Uber,’” Docker concluded.

The New York Post also mentions that women in the industry are calling him “a walking case of #MeToo in the PR world.”


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