“Amber Heard gives the performance of her life,” Depp’s defense says.


Amber Heard testimonies are refuted Johnny Depp team who claim it is nothing more than performance art.

In accordance with TMZ, Johnny Depp’s press secretary says that Amber was “preparing to give a performance of her life in this ordeal,” which they predicted in their opening statements. Now they claim that their prediction has come true.

They claim that her abuse stories have evolved over time, adding “new and convenient details”. However, “Johnny’s memories have remained exactly the same throughout the 6 agonizing years since her first accusations were made.”

They also believe that Johnny’s team’s upcoming cross-examination, which will focus on alleged inconsistencies in their stories, will be revealing.

Amber ended her second day of testimony yesterday by telling jurors that he called her a “grouchy bitch” and “shit.”

Amber Heard spoke about forced sexual intercourse with a bottle

In the stands, Heard sobbed uncontrollably as she described how Johnny Depp threatened to “cut” her face with a bottle and then inserted it into her during a fight.

“I didn’t know if the bottle he kept in me was broken,” she said, holding back tears and panting. “I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel anything.”

This alleged incident took place in March 2015 while the couple were still married and filming their fifth installation “Pirates of the CaribbeanFilm franchise in Australia.

According to the actress, when they had an argument over drinking, Depp taunted Heard with a bottle of booze he was holding, which fell to the floor and broke when she reached for it.

Elaine Bredehof, Heard’s lawyer asked her later in his testimony if Depp penetrated the vagina with a bottle of liquor up to the pubic bone. “I can’t believe I have to do this,” the actress said to the jury. To which her lawyer replied, “I’m sorry.”


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