Amber Heard fans insulted Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck because of the new album “18”


Jeff Beckrecent album “18”, where Johnny Depp has extensive involvement in the creation of the lyrics of several songs, as well as with the voice of the actor, have drawn some criticism, especially from those who still defend Amber Heard.

On this occasion, the fans Aquaman actress forced them to hear widespread criticism of Johnny Depp, about whom they say that the music is not for him, although the game is for him.

Fans chant Johnny Depp’s name after libel convictionAP

Fans have discredited the lyrics

This Sunday, fans of Amber Heard’s Twitter account drew attention with criticism of album “18”where they emphasized that Johnny never directly mentions his ex-partner in the songs, although they made it clear that it was all about phrases or words with double meanings that put the actress in a bad position.

However, despite Depp’s strategy of not pointing out Amber in the line where he sings “you’re sitting there like an itchy seven year old dog,” the Twitter account that goes by the name “Amber free fan account‘ noted that both Johnny and Jeff seem to be a couple of “celibates” when they say that about the actress.

Similarly, they make fun of Johnny Depp about the phrase he uses in one of the songs, where he mentions: “if I had a penny, I would not reach your hand” and recalled that the actor allegedly demanded 300 million from Disney dollars for return to film Pirates of the Caribbean film, however this situation remains unclear and was at some point refuted by the actor’s representative.

Depp accused of beating his wife

Finally, another comment points out that Depp is a “wife beater”, remembering that Amber Heard allegedly suffered with him while they were engaged and living together.

Album “18”, created in collaboration with Jeff Beckalso includes “Midnight Walker”, “Death And Resurrection Show”, “Time”, “Sad Motherfuckin’ Parade”, “Dont’ Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)”, “Caroline No”, “Ooo Baby Baby” , “What’s Going On”, “Let It Be Me” and “Stars”.


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