Amalia will be able to marry a woman without giving up the throne

Graph Amalia from Netherlands In recent days, it has been in the spotlight, even reaching Congress.The king’s eldest daughter Max Guillermo will reach adulthood in just a few weeks and is getting closer to playing a relevant role in the royal family as heir to the throne.

For this reason, the princess has become one of the undisputed protagonists in the last session of the parliament, because some people have raised some issues related to her future and the maintenance of the institution, especially when Amalia does not marry other people. Case. Man, but married a woman. For this reason, Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated that if this is the case, the government will not prevent the princess from ascending the throne.

Profile picture of the queen and her eldest daughter / Gtres

After the recently published book about Amalia, it attracted people’s attention. This topic parallels the author’s work. Claudia Debrey This came after the books published by his father and grandmother as adults. In the book Call of Duty, constitution expert Peter Rewinkel pointed out that if the princess married another woman, she would have to resign. A few words refuted by the administrative staff: “The government believes that heiresses can marry the same sex, and that there is no barrier to the law allowing her to marry the same sex. Therefore, if the heiress or queen wants to marry a same-sex partner, she does not have to abdicate.”It must also be considered that the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage on April 1, 2001. In this way, it doesn’t make much sense for the head of state to have no freedom to choose whom to marry.

Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane of the Netherlands
The three daughters of the king in the file picture / Gtres

However, it should not be forgotten that in the Netherlands, members of the royal family not only have to inform the government who they are going to marry, but they also need the permission of the parliament to do so. For this reason, the Prime Minister chose to resolve the matter. What has not yet been decided is what will happen to the succession of children that may result from this kind of marriage, whether it is from a donor, adoption or through surrogacy. “If necessary, the government and the state legislature may consider the status of children born in wedlock in accordance with the parent-child laws applicable at the time. It is inappropriate to predict the successor now.”, Has been declared.

This number has been talked with one of the greatest experts of the Orange Royal family, a reporter Rick Evers, Which explains that Amalia is not mentioned directly in Parliament: “After the book was published, members of the House of Representatives made a request to the Prime Minister. If this happens, they will cooperate for same-sex marriage, but Amalia is not mentioned directly because no one has ever said that she is gay.”,statement.

Maxima from the Netherlands
Máxima from the Netherlands with her three daughters Amalia, Ariane and Alexia / Gtres

A few years ago, when gay marriage was approved in the Netherlands, the author of the book on Amalia reminded the administrator that the throne is hereditary and that children born from this union may question the succession of the throne.In this way, Amalia can break away from inheritance and support Alexia.

As far as the Netherlands is concerned, the role of parliament is crucial. It should not be forgotten that the government approved the connection between Maxima and Guillermo, but due to the relationship between the bride’s father and the military government of Vidra and Maxima’s public statement of condemnation, the government was also forced to absent. Similarly, the Chief Executive did not authorize Prince Frisso to marry Mabel Wisse, which means that he was excluded from the inheritance and left the royal family because Princess Beatrice’s daughter-in-law had hidden her Past relationships. With known drug dealers.

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