Amalia from the Netherlands is in love? : Rumors Worrying Europe


The new generation of royal family members has grown old. In addition to specific cases such as Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and several other countries. The reality is that most European royal heirs include princes and princesses. They are either just adults or just a few years later. In addition, this situation adds to the fact that a large part of them are women, which leads to a situation where the future of the monarchy will be marked by a queen-but this is another problem.

In this case, considering that some young princesses are still in their adolescence, it is inevitable that the first batch of romantic rumors will gradually surface. It is a constant since the previous generation.I can’t forget my first love Prince Philip with Isabel Sadorius Or Victoria Carvajal, and other royals such as Frederick of Denmark Or Prince William-the latter, second in line.

The Belgian Royal Family/Gtres.

Therefore, it is inevitable that some royal family members of this generation will become the protagonists of the scandal sooner or later.This is the case with Amalia from the NetherlandsIn recent weeks, the princess has been receiving attention for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, he will reach the age of majority in just one month, and the authorized biography about his life will be exposed. In addition, he will participate in a particularly relevant institutional activity with his parents: he will join the Council of State, the most consultative agency. Important country. An independent body that advises the government and parliament on legislation and governance, and is the highest general administrative court in the Netherlands.

However, in addition to his official face, what attracted people’s attention was the rumors about his private life. A long time ago, there was a debate about the princess, especially about what would happen if she wanted to marry a woman instead of a man. A question clarified by the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte As a result of the publication of a book, it states that, according to the Constitution, if Amalia does not marry a man, she will have to resign from the royal family. The executive stated that this is not the case: “The government believes that heirs can also be married to the same sex, and that there is no legal barrier to allowing heirs to marry the same sex. Therefore, the cabinet does not believe that heirs to the throne or kings or queens should abdicate if they want to marry same-sex couples. Rutte emphasized, taking into account that the Netherlands is the first country in the world to announce its abdication. Legalize same-sex marriage.

Although there is no official information of any kind about Amalia’s sexual orientation under any circumstances, what has gained strength recently is the possibility of reconciliation with another member of the royal family, especially her brother. Elizabeth of BelgiumPrince Gabriel, as pointed out by various media.

The first to talk about this idea was the Mendoza Post, the Argentine website, which mentioned Amalia’s “secret boyfriend”, specifically referring to Prince Gabriel, Currently studying in the UK. A theory emphasized by the German magazine Gala insists that the love between the two is realistic, even though neither of them cited their sources. Look has been able to talk to one of the greatest experts in the Belgian royal family, Wim Hand Roller Blind, Who provided this figure his opinion on the matter.

Amalia file image from the Netherlands / Gtres

The reporter contacted official sources at the palace, and they have not yet commented: “These are all private matters.” However, although he himself did not give much credibility to these rumors, he did think it might be good news: “This It’s a topic that has been circulating for several weeks, but I don’t think so,” he explained.

The expert first refers to the geographic distance between the two. Gabriel started studying at the National Academy of Mathematics and Science in September Warwickshire University, In the West Midlands region of England. The king’s son is studying for a year of math and physics preparatory courses, and Princess Amalia is on vacation: “This allows him to travel and leave home longer, but even so, I think it’s still difficult. Being together is given. distance”,

Nonetheless, this may be a good thing for both families: “If the rumors are true, I think Gabriel will be Amalia’s good partner, because there are not so many royal families in the world, so few princes born in that environment know how to behave in a courteous environment.”Expert explanation.

Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane of the Netherlands
Amalia and her sisters / Gtres

To this must be added the preparation of the son of the King of Belgium: “If Gabriel becomes Amalia’s husband, he will become a life-long educated person who can engage in a very specific job and be in the shadow of the future. . Queen. In the eyes of the public, he is regarded as the son of the king and queen, the brother of the heir, and he knows his secondary role,” he ruled.

Constitutional issues

Although this relationship may seem ideal at first glance, because both have common interests, similar backgrounds, and their families will always know each other, the truth is that there is a conflict at the institutional level. According to constitutional experts, this possible relationship is problematic. After Belgium’s independence from the Netherlands in 1830, the National Assembly issued a decree that “Members of the Orange/Nassau House shall not have any power or authority in Belgium”. On this basis, experts guarantee that it is impossible for Amalia and Gabriel to get married. According to the State Council, a constitutional amendment is needed to change this situation. Proposals in this regard were submitted in 1993, 2002 and 2003, but they were never implemented.

Wim De Hanschuter He disagrees with this theory and points out that even if the law is not amended, the relationship between the Belgian prince and the Dutch princess is possible: “The law leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Literally, the Oranges were Excluded from any power in Belgium. From this I conclude that they are not allowed to rule. But it is not clear that they cannot get married.”

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