Amaia Montero, an unexpected diagnosis and a new setback


New details about the health of Amaia Montero. It was barely two months ago when a black and white photograph in which the singer admitted to being “destroyed” set off all the alarms. Since then, absolute silence and maximum concern for her. Until today. Although Montero did not want to give details of how she is being this complicated chapter of his lifeYes, the reason why the former vocalist of Van Gogh’s Ear has moved away from the media spotlight.

As confirmed Hello!, a strong cadre of stress and anxiety would have been the reason why the interpreter of roses He would have been admitted to the University Clinic of Navarra. Likewise, the national circulation magazine has confirmed that this situation could be due to the nerves caused by the preparations for his new recording project, which was scheduled to see the light of day at the beginning of 2023.

It was she herself who announced that she was preparing a new release through her social networks, in addition to sharing a piece of a topic that has not yet come to light and that was very well received by her followers. However, it seems that everything has come to a standstill Well, as the digital has reported, the doctors would have recommended “absolute tranquility, rest, silence and disconnection.” It is therefore that the return of Amaia Montero to the music that everyone expected will have to be postponed until the artist is 100% recovered.

Amaia Montero / Instagram

Do you take control of your life?

On November 23, various media outlets published images of the singer leaving the Universitaria de Navarra clinic where, according to reports, I would have been hospitalized for a month. As he reported The Spanish, the one who was a vocalist of Van Gogh’s Ear He would be recovering at his home in Irún with his mother and sister, after the photograph that changed everything came to light. In the post, the celebrity not only posed without makeup and without combing her hair, but she also commented on several phrases that set off all the alarms. After this, it was sources close to her who confirmed that she was not going through a good personal moment for her and she herself deleted the photograph of her. However, it seems that little by little she is taking control of her life again, completely focused on music and eager to face Christmas with the family, which has already become her greatest support.

Amaia Montero / Instagram
Amaia Montero / Instagram

Since he moved away from social networks, there have been many well-known faces who have wanted to show their support through the 2.0 universe. Among them, Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo or Paula Echevarría, who wanted to throw a few words of support at him: “Life always serves.” However, the one that caught the most attention was that of Soraya Arnelas who, despite not knowing each other very well, gave him her hand: “My message before I go to sleep is a message of love and admiration, support, affection, respect and of empathy for my partner Amaia Montero. This generation has had to live in a very complicated world and those who are fragile and sensitive pay very hard. Tell her that I love her, that although we don’t know each other very well, I want to send her a message, that I love her, that I admire her and that I send her a lot of strength and light in these dark times. We are with you, by your side Amaia”.


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