Amador Mohedano: The last moment about his health


The new panic of the Mohdano family. Amador Mohedano had to be hospitalized urgently From Jerez de la Frontera, as revealed in the Telecinco show “Ya es noon”, his ex-wife Rosa Benito works in it.

In fact, she is very worried about herself. “This seems to be related to anxiety”, He said in the above-mentioned show, do not want to reveal too many details about him. «I made some calls and they confirmed what you said. My children know that their aunt Gloria called them Because his father wanted them to know where he was, and they didn’t tell me so as not to frighten me and continue the normal plan,” the collaborator added.

Amador Mohedano admission / Telecinco

Apparently, Rocío Jurado’s brother began to feel uncomfortable this Thursday afternoon, so much so that shortly after he had to call an ambulance to take him to the Cadiz Medical Center. “he He has a problem because he doesn’t eat well and he loses a lot of iron And he found himself dizzy early in the morning,” Benito added, adding that he was alone in the hospital because due to the coronavirus, no companions were allowed.

“All I want is to make him better”, Affirmed the concerned Rosa, she has confirmed that she has asked Regera’s Virgin, this is one of Chipiona’s most famous images, her ex-husband will soon recover, and was frightened to death. Currently, Amador Mohedano is undergoing an examination. In the words of the mother of his child, his condition was caused “for many reasons”.

Rosa Benito
Rosa Benito confirmed the news in “It’s Noon”/Telecinco

Just a few hours after the intense discussion between Amador Mohedano and María Patiño in “Save Me”, the admission took place. «What happened yesterday caused you to leave and caused a huge anxiety disorder »Rosa Benito once said that he was very excited when he called Telecinco to plan.

this Brother of Rossio Jurado After she made some comments that made her dissatisfied, she decided to intervene on the spot to respond to her collaborators. As Amador pointed out, the incident mentioned by Amador occurred during the interruption of the previous “Deluxe Edition” advertisement. The artist’s brother serves as a guest space.During that pause, Belen Esteban asked him directly if Jose Ortega Cano He gave the singer a “bad life” and, obviously, Amador nodded. Patiño interprets this gesture as a clear “yes”. This is what the reporter said when broadcasting the space in the daily edition, which aroused the anger of Amador Mokhedano.

Amador Mohdano
This Thursday, he had a telephone confrontation with María Patiño / Gtres

Angry, he responded to Maria Patinho without hesitation, asking for evidence, “You have to prove it,” he said. «Do you think I will tell you that Ortega Cano will give Rocio Jurado a bad life? I told him what my brother-in-law abused? “, she insisted, and the Galician still insisted on her version: “I tell you, Belen Esteban asked you, You answered that Ortega was too old and sick to talk about him, But both you and Rosa know this. Belen tells you that you know exactly how he treats her.When I face this problem, I know the dimensions of your words, but I swear you said this before me and Bethlehem.You said you know the bad life you gave your sisterEven Rosa knows what happened, but due to the health problems Ortega Kano is experiencing, now is not the time to speak out.

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