Alves’ apologies after Brazil exit: ‘Penalties are a lottery’


Daniel Alves attended the media in the mixed zone after the surprising elimination of Brazil in the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup in view of Croatia. The canarinha fell on penalties after drawing one in the 120 minutes of football. The veteran Brazilian player apologized for the elimination and praised Luka Modric.


“It was a very difficult day for us. All the circumstances were given. We had scored the goal at the right time and the game was very controlled. But in one game you can change everything. In the end, a goal gives always power and it’s a shame that their goal takes away that power. And in penalties we already try to do what we can, because the forces are no longer the same and the body does not respond as we want. ultimately you play the lottery, some days you win and some days you don’t.

Last day with Brazil

“I have to assimilate all this because it is very hard. Football often plays tricks on you that you don’t expect. As human beings, we always prepare for the good things and not for the bad. Life shows you that nothing is perfect. My future is to suffer a little more.”

Rodrigo’s Status

“He has a lot of personality and knows a lot about it. He has already been able to live great moments feeling the sweetness of football. And now he had a bittersweet moment. You don’t always have to use tears. You can’t have it all.”

Luka Modric

“I was talking to him. He is an example to follow for those who want to play for many years at a high level.”


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