Alvaro Morte brags about playing ‘very left’ Elcano

Actor Alvaro Morte (Algeciras, 1975), known for his participation in money robberyis the protagonist of Limitless, a series that gives a peculiar version of the act Magellan and Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Morte plays a Spanish sailor who made the first trip around the world and boasts that he gave him a personal touch. AT interview in Worldthe actor claims that he does not want his character to be politicized and that “so that he is not appropriated, what I did with the character of Elcano he is a very leftist guy“.

He adds that his character “pursues the common good, not his own good, and that puts important decisions to a vote“My Elcano is very left and zero totalitarian,” he returns to the pages World.

It is very curious that exactly what he himself criticizes and says about the historical character of the 16th century, the actor does much later.

unlimited, from Prime Video, tells the story of 237 men who set out from Spain with Ferdinand Magellan as their captain. “They are looking for wealth, recognition and fame. Only 18 of them return alive, led by Juan Sebastian Elcano, a noble and charismatic character. They are waiting for three years of unrest, betrayal, hunger and death. A story full of adventure and emotion as two opposing characters fight for the same goal,” the platform says.


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