Álvaro Morte: about what he had to give up in order to become famous

Alvaro Mott He was one of the guests at the premiere of El Mago Pop’s new show. There, he spent a few minutes chatting with the microphone of the Gtres news agency. The first thing that caught people’s attention was its renewed appearance. teacher He changed his appearance and now has a longer mane and thick beard. Taste or requirements for the script? He revealed it himself, and what he had to give up for fame and fortune.

The last part may be the b-face of familiar faces. Anonymity is one of the things VIP miss most. Morte admits that the same is true in his case:«You no longer do many things because you are no longer anonymous. Especially when going with family.My child doesn’t understand what happened». In addition, he added that his child distinguished between his father and Álvaro Morte. “I am the one who wants to protect them.”

Álvaro Morte, taking pictures / Gtres

It is impossible for him to be in front of him without asking about his great success Money robbery. In less than a month, you will be able to see Netflix The second half of the final season. Finally, the most famous robbery in the novel in recent decades can be completed. Álvaro Morte does not want to provide clues:«People like it very much. The last three chapters remain until December 3rd».

At this point, it’s no secret that Vancouver’s production is one of the series of on-demand content platforms—if not the most successful. How will the Spanish bank robbery be resolved? Where will Inspector Alicia Serra finally stand?​​ Who survived? These are just some of the questions the audience asked about this last batch of episodes.

Except for their existence Money robbery, Álvaro Morte is already working on two other projects. «I am doing series unlimited Amazon’s first global tour of Juan Sebastian Elcano, I am the protagonist”. As if that was not enough, he revealed that he made a leap to the film by intervening in the film. Object With Jorge Dorado. «Now we are going to Argentina for two weeks, so the outlook has changed. I did not stop doing things ».

The career he is experiencing has made him an international actor. Of course, it will affect everything that has to be shelved in order to gain this prestige: You miss an anonymous life. When you lose intimacy, you do it in a clear way. They still recognize you abroad »The country he was most unexpectedly recognized was Thailand, where he participated in the premiere of the third season. Tick, tick, tick, tick, this robbery is close to being solved.Álvaro Morte and teacher?

Alvaro Mott, smile / Gtres

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