Álvarez and Estrada, best new artists at the Latin Grammys


Las Vegas (USA) (EFE).- The Mexican singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada and the Cuban singer Angela Alvarez tied for Best New Artist at the 23rd Latin Grammys, held Thursday at the Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas.

A situation that moved the public present in the said place not only because of the tie but also because of the generational clash between the two winners.

And it is that the 25 years of Estrada contrast with the 95 of Álvarez, who has become the oldest artist to be nominated by the Latin Recording Academy for this section.

The two artists took the stage together and showed their satisfaction at having won a prize in which they competed with Sofía Campos, Cande and Paulo, Clarissa, Pol Granch, Nabález, Tiare, Vale, Yahritza and Su Esencia, and Nicole Zignago.

Mexican Silvana Estrada poses on the red carpet before the Latin Grammys, at the Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas (USA), November 17, 2022. EFE/EPA/Caroline Brehman

“The award was already nominated because most of us were women,” Estrada explained in his speech, then looked Álvarez in the eye and told him “it was a real honor” to share this moment. .

“What is new music? No matter the age? What matters is honesty and making people feel,” continued the Mexican composer.

Ovation for Ángela Álvarez at the Latin Grammys

Then it was time to listen to the Cuban artist who, paper in hand, remembered the “pride” that recognition entails for her daughter and sent a loving memory to her grandson and producer, Carlos Jose Alvarez.

His speech ended with great applause from the audience as Álvarez stressed the importance of doing things with “faith and love”.

“Anything can happen in life, believe it because it’s never too late,” he concluded.

Cuban Ángela Álvarez (c) receives the award for best new artist, during the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, at the Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas (USA). EFE/EPA/Etienne Laurent

The Cuban was already nicknamed “the grandmother of the Latin Grammys” for her album composed of 15 lullabies written by herself.

The Best New Artist section is part of the list of so-called General Categories – along with Best Album, Song and Recording – and honors singers whose music has transcended in the past year.


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