Alonso after collision with Hamilton: What an idiot! He knows how to drive only the first time!


FHernando Alonso was not impressed Lewis Hamiltontrying to overtake him before they collide in Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday.

On the radio of his team, the Spanish rider did not hesitate to accuse Mercedes a man calling an Englishman an idiot.

“What an idiot, closing the door from the outside” Alonso said.

“We had a mega start, but this guy only knows how to drive a car and start first.”

Crazy start of the Belgian Grand Prix

Alonso was one of three drivers who managed to overtake Sergio Perez at the start. Hamilton was then on Alonsotail before going out to the Spaniard outside.

Hamilton had some advantage, but at the turn both were on the same level. The Englishman tried to break out, trying to find a gap where there was none, and crashed into the Spaniard’s left front wheel. Alpinetraveling through the air.

Despite the race going on Hamilton I had to take off on the second lap, which caused the safety car to run out.

Alonso was so upset that, passing by Mercedeshe even scolded the Englishman with his finger.

Hamilton did not go to the medical center, although this was mandatory after the accident, as the car’s warning light was flashing, making it mandatory to check it out. I received a warning for this, but I was not at fault for the crash from the FIA’s point of view.

FIA statement on Hamilton and Alonso crash in Belgium

“The stewards reviewed the video evidence and determined that Alonso was inside at the fifth turn,” the verdict says.

Hamiltonthe front wheels were in front Alonsoat the corner entrance. Alonso moved his car from the line to the inside, with both right tires completely on the curb and even slightly inside the curb.

“Never Alonso loss of control or understeer occurs.

Hamilton turned to the top of the corner Alonso still nearby, and there was a collision.

“The stewards considered this to be an incident on the first lap with a lot of traffic compared to the other cars in the first few corners and therefore took no further action.”


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