Alone in the kitchen: the moment Shakira comforted Piqué


The separation of Shakira and Piqué is one of the issues that have most marked 2022. Since the news broke, newspapers and programs around the world have scrutinized “divorce of the year” to unsuspected limits. There were months of rumors, disagreements and tough negotiations that culminated in the famous agreement on November 8 after a 12-hour meeting. Some details transcended instantly. The most important: Shakira has a free hand to take the couple’s children, Sasha and Milan, to live in the United States. But what really happened in the family home? How did the Colombian get away with it? LOOK has had exclusive access to privileged information on the most tense moments of the negotiation where the footballer ended up crying on Shakira’s shoulder.

Shakira and Piqué enjoying a plan / Gtres

On November 3, Gerard Piqué announced his sudden retirement from football. For many, the movement was interpreted as a surrender: with Piqué out of Barcelona, ​​he would have more room for maneuver and would be freer to travel to Miami if his children went to live there, as the mother of the little ones that had said it was his intention. However, this digital has been able to know that this was not the initial will of the player, far from it. According to a source close to Piqué, his idea was to leave his career in 2024, in order to have time to organize his life and propose a smooth transition for Sasha and Milan, his great weakness. However, Shakira’s maximalist positions and media pressure took their toll on “the sensitive heart of Gerard, who suddenly and alone made the decision to say goodbye two years ahead of schedule to his other passion: Fútbol Club Barcelona”. The athlete is a man of impulses and when he saw the suffering that family tensions were causing his children, he made that decision. Even so, when he arrived at the meeting with his ex-partner in what had been his home, Piqué intended to continue negotiating that “calm transition to America” ​​by 2024. He wanted to buy time.

Shakira and Piqué in the car / Gtres
Shakira and Piqué in the car / Gtres

Shakira: intransigent and hard to crack

Piqué arrived at the meeting “very emotionally touched, exhausted”. Inside the mansion, Shakira and the legal teams of both parties were waiting for him. There were reproaches, misunderstanding, conflicting positions, “but not a single bad word or higher than the other. It was all very civilized given how difficult and hard the negotiation was”. The hours went by and Pique “more unstable than his ex, who was always more distant and cold” began to get impatient: “talking to Shakira and her lawyers was like talking to a wall. They did not give in nor were they going to give in”. The agreement did not arrive, the hours passed and passed. The player went out at one point to relax on one of the terraces of the house. Head down and thoughtful, he went back into the house and went with Shakira to the kitchen, leaving the lawyers in the dining room. At that exact moment Pique collapsed. Alone with what had been his wife for 12 years and the mother of his children, he could not bear the pressure and burst into tears. Pique admitted that he did not understand the intransigence of the Latin popstar, but for the sake of his children, he said that he was not going to oppose it anymore. The artist ended up consoling him for a few minutes in which they remained alone and without external interference with a heartfelt hug. Shakira was winning the game but she knew that at a high price for Piqué. According to the ex-couple’s environment, it was a moment of moving complicity.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué / Gtres
Shakira and Gerard Piqué / Gtres

Piqué’s future plans: buy a house in Miami

As it is in the public domain, the economic issue was never a stumbling block to reach an agreement. Both the artist and the athlete have a robust economy and that was not the reason for their confrontation at all. By giving up Pique, Shakira had the gesture of providing her ex and her in-laws with all the comforts for future visits to the children in the United States. The one from Barranquilla wants her house to be open to Pique and his family as much as they want. But LOOK has been able to find out that the ex blaugrana is already looking for a house in Miami where to stay when visiting the children. The initial plan is to find a large apartment with several rooms, to house their children and their parents. If everything goes as planned and Sasha and Milan adapt well to their new life, the same source has confided that “Piqué will end up buying a house there. Shakira has a fabulous mansion and her pride tells her that he will not be less. She wants the best for her children and if their mother’s house has a swimming pool, horses and a tennis court, so does hers, and if necessary, even a soccer field!” she tells us. Time will tell, but with Gerard out of Barça, everything is undoubtedly easier. He remains to know if both parties will measure up and if each one on his side will know how to assimilate his victories and defeats. For the sake of his children, they had better.


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