All the keys to Billie Eilish’s new look change

The singer and songwriter Billie eilish He has had different types of hairstyles and hairstyles. Now he has done it again. We give you all the keys to the new Billie Eilish makeover who is betting on a stone cut, shorter than she was wearing.

Apparently and, Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, the singer has chosen this new hairstyle inspired by a photo of her young mother.

Eilish has left behind her black and green husband, to go to platinum blonde. First invest in a wolf cut, and now cut inches with a stone cut.

How’s the singer’s new stone carving?

The expert reveals that the singer is in favor of the trends that will mark next fall: layers and a master cut as a basis for finding a comfortable look that allows you to comb as much or as little as you want.

Thus it carries a stone cut, which is one the development of the seat is much more unstructured and natural, but it retains the rounded structure that is so characteristic of that cut.

It is then a completely successful venture, as it retains that retro air in its shape, but it is completely updated thanks to the vanilla blonde tone, cut and styling that it comes with.

The specialist explains how does it happen this cut, because first you work in a very rounded way and very close to the face, from the fringe to the back of the hair and “draw” that type of horseshoe.

Then it is unstructured with a razor and thinner scissors to adapt it to the millimeter to the structure of the hair and face.

Who can wear this hairstyle?

According to the professional, this haircut is perfect for fine hair, where the feather effect is particularly beautiful or with a medium consistency. Now the hair must be straight or with some gesture, but by no means curly.

And when it comes to face type, it is not suitable for everyone, it is intended for oval or angular faces, but it does not look so good on round or square faces “the rounded shape of the cut accentuates the features even more”.

To style it, Eduardo Sánchez recommends “apply a texturing product and air dry or with your head down and digging out the roots to achieve that rocker look ”.

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