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At this time of the year, it is normal for hair to curl and have the unsexy curls that we have always hated. Some things can be done, such as having the best product, Avoid frizz hair. Find out what else we can do.

This frizz effect can occur, especially when your hair is more irregular, frizzy or not frizzy, and when there is too much moisture.

Tips to avoid the effects of frizzy hair

As we determined, this is due to the high concentration of humidity This usually happens in the environment of the two coldest seasons of the year.

The main cause of frizz is that the scalp absorbs more moisture than it should, which results in the texture of the hair being disheveled, uncomfortable and unpleasant, as Franck Provost said.

But there are more reasons:

  • environment humidity
  • Continuous use of heating tools and no thermal protectors
  • Bad diet
  • Lack of moisture
  • Inherited or inherited

what do I do?

Use warm water

According to Franck Provost, hot water will dry out the hair and make it more frizzy.

The best choice is water, whether in Washed Just like in the wash, it is neither lukewarm nor lukewarm. In this way, the stratum corneum is less damaged and keeps the seal longer.

Pay attention when drying

When drying the hair, we use heating tools that do not work well. Indeed, it is recommended to wash in the open air at certain times, and it is convenient to use the clothes dryer at other times of the year.

Therefore, we should not rush for success. If we do not use towels to squeeze the hair hard, friction will not only make the hair frizzy, but also weaken and crack.

For this reason, Franck Provost recommends choosing cotton or microfiber towels. When using the dryer, cold air is combined with hot air.

Don’t abuse the iron

Another thing to avoid frizzy hair is to avoid using an iron. For this reason, experts recommend not to abuse and always use high-quality thermal protectors.

Avoid sulfate products

Although there are more and more products with all-natural ingredients, there are still some products that contain sulfates. Moreover, it is obvious that this chemical ingredient contained in most hair care products has the disadvantage of dehydrating the hair.

So it is best to avoid it and use products to prevent frizzy hair, protect it and take care of it to make it look healthy and radiant.

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