All the details about the date and place of the coronation of Carlos III


More than a month has passed since Queen Elizabeth’s unexpected death, her eldest son Charles III has finally become the British monarch. It is known when the new British monarch’s coronation will take place. always Buckingham Palace It informs all citizens of the exact moment when this good news will take place through a statement, clearly starting the succession Isabelle II And continue to write the history of the British monarchy.

King Carlos in a recent photo/Gtres

As we all know, Next Saturday, May 6, the solemn coronation of King Charles will take place at Westminster Abbey. Prince Andrew’s brother will be accompanied by his wife and queen, which is a great act, Camillawhich will also be crowned in a ceremony that promises to have a huge impact nationally and internationally.

King Carlos III Declaration / Gtres
King Carlos III Declaration / Gtres

As if that wasn’t enough, in a related statement, the royal family has been tasked with acknowledging that the appointment will combine parts of the ancient and the modern,”Rooted in long traditions that will reflect the role of monarchs today and look to the future”, also chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury. But, for now, more details have been released about what is already considered one of the key events for the next 2023, and even so, everything points to the fact that, before the big day, they will be Other acts of service take place as the perfect prelude to a coronation that hasn’t been held in nearly 70 years, the last in June 1953 featuring Queen Elizabeth.

Scottish Kings Carlos and Camilla / Gtres

In this way, the golden brooch will be worn under Isabel II, giving way to a new era in the hands of Carlos III, some of the brushstrokes can already be seen due to the passing of the monarch on September 8, 2022, which is why his The eldest son took a collective bathhouse in such a difficult time, allowing him to feel the warmth of his people. So far, the monarch has performed like a duck to water in his new role, fulfilling the various promises of his office, and has even taken an official photo in the company of his wife and heir to the throne: Prince William and Catherine Middleton. A photo that has caused quite a bit of controversy, especially considering that neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle were in it, which created a sizable family by choosing a photo of themselves hours after they were made public gap. Would the reign of King Carlos be the best time to calm things down?


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