All posters of the San Isidro 2022 fair in Las Ventas


The 2022 bullfighting season already has official posters for the San Isidro fair in Madrid. At a ceremony in Monument to Las Ventas in which he was posthumously awarded Elijah Rodriguezto Isabelle Diaz Ayuso as well as Moorish from La Pueblaamong others, posters for the first post-pandemic San Isidro have been displayed in the Calle de Alcalá arena since 2021. took place in Vistalegre. This season, which has already begun, there are already posters on the streets Valencia, Castellón as well as Seville.

After the successful Autumn Fair and presentation posters opening the season in Las Ventas with lock Emil Just on Palm Sunday as a star dish, company Square 1 announced the San Isidro Fair from May 8 to June 5, as well as the Madrid Community Fair on May 1 and 2.

All figures, more than one day

San Isidro 2022 will become return to the Spanish arenas Alexander Talavant. The bullfighter from Extremadura abruptly ended his career in October 2018 in Zaragoza and returned to fight last season in the French bullring in Arles with king of rock. He will be in Madrid for four days, including one-on-one with Juan Ortega and the bulls of Jandilla for the Corrida de la Cultura; in one of Garcigrande with El Juli and Thomas Rufo; in one of the Victoriano del Rio with Diego Urdiales and Emilio de Justo, as well as Adolfo Martin with Rafaelillo and Manuel Escribano.

Alejandro Talavante’s bet in Madrid has a replica in the form of a bullfighter for the 2021 season and he keeps his bet for the time being: Moorish from La Puebla. The Seville bullfighter announces three nights of maximum impact in this campaign in which he celebrates the 25th anniversary of the alternative and in which already signed 100 contractsamong which six are in Seville.

Morante, undisputed winner of the 2021 season, along with El Juli and Paul Aguado; is that Juan Pedro Domec with John Ortega and, again, with Pablo Aguado and in a charity bullfight, one of the series’ star posters. The cigar maker will share a poster with other last season winners: Emilio de Justo and Hines Marine with bullfighting Alcurrucén. Both De Justo and Marin are also signed up for three days. Like Daniel Luke. Anthony Ferrerawhich also marks the 25th anniversary of the alternative, will also add three days if you count Goyescu on May 2nd.

king of rock He returns to Las Ventas, where he suffered a serious injury in 2019, twice this time. Julian Lopez El Juli, Diego Urdiales, Juan Ortega, Pablo Aguado Jose Maria ManzanaresThomas Rufo, Gonzalo CaballeroAlvaro Lorenzo, Manuel Escribano and Roman were also announced two days later in San Isidro.

Another of the main dishes that have been announced is the trap. Paco Urena with bulls from different herds on Saturday, May 21st. With this feat, the Murcian bullfighter wants to assert himself as a figure after a triumphant 2019 season.

9 confirmations and an alternative

San Isidro 2022 will also be Plaza 1’s commitment to youth and a renewal of the bullfighters’ ranks. the company he manages Rafael Garcia Garrido Up to nine alternative confirmations and one alternative are planned for this series. There is also a bullfight called de la Juventud.

Bullfighters who will confirm the alternative in Las Ventas: Francisco de Manuel, Diego Carretero, Fernando Adrian (winner Chenel Cup), Thomas Rufo, Leo Valades, Juanito, Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, Damian Castaño and Alejandro Marcos. In addition, Rafael Gonzalez will become a bullfighter in one of the bullfights in Fuente Imbro.

With the Madrid Community Fair in mind, four bullfights were announced with Maria Cascon, Los Magnos, Conde de Mayalde and Fuente Imbro and two bullfights with bulls from Fermín Bojorques and El Capea.

Fuente Imbro ranch Ricardo Gallardowill spend three days, one of them – bullfighting, and River Victorian two. In the livestock section, we must highlight the return of imposing bulls to Las Ventas Samuel Flowers and that there are fewer bullfights in this San Isidro than those who are considered torists.

all posters

CAM Fair 2022

  • Sunday, May 1, steers from Maria Cascon instead of David Garzon, Miguel Senent. Miguelito and Diego Garcia
  • Monday, May 2, bullfighting bulls from El Cortijillo for Useda Leal, Antonio Ferrer and Francisco de Manuel confirm the alternative

San Isidro 2022

  • Sunday, May 8, Montalvo bulls for Daniel Luque, López Simon and Alvaro Lorenzo.
  • Monday, May 9, taxis from Los Magnos for Carlos Dominguez, Arturo Gilio and Guillermo Garcia Pulido.
  • Tuesday May 10th Bulls from El Pilar Moises Fraile for Javier Cortes, Tomas Campos and José Espada.
  • Wednesday 11 May Bulls from La Quinta for Morante de la Puebla, El Juli and Pablo Aguado.
  • Thursday 12 May El Torero bulls for Antonio Ferrera, Daniel Luque and Gonzalo Caballero.
  • Friday, May 13, cultural bullfight, the bulls of Jandilla-Vegahermosa for Alejandro Talavante and Juan Ortega, hand in hand
  • Saturday, May 14, rejones, Fermin Bojorquez bulls for Sergio Galan, Leonardo Hernandez and Juan Manuel Munera.
  • Sunday, May 15, San Isidro, El Parralejo bulls for Curro Diaz, Emilio de Justo and Gines Marin.
  • Monday, May 16 The Conde de Mayalde is driven by Santana Claros, Isaac Fonseca and Alvaro Bourdiel.
  • Tuesday 17th May Bulls from Araus de Robles for Joselito Adame, Pepe Moral and Ángel Telles.
  • Wednesday May 18, Pedraza de Yeltes bulls for López Chavez, Jesus E. Colombo and Diego Carretero, alternative confirmed.
  • Thursday May 19 Victoriano del Rio Cortes bulls for José María Manzanares, Roca Rey and Fernando Adrian confirm the alternative
  • Friday May 20, Garcigrande bulls for El Juli, Alejandro Talavante and Thomas Rufo confirm the alternative
  • Saturday, May 21, bulls from different farms for Paco Ureña, alone.
  • Sunday 22 May Torrealta bulls for El Fandi, Manuel Escribano and Leo Valades confirm the alternative
  • Monday, May 23, taxis from Fuente Imbro for Manuel Diosleguarde, Jorge Martinez and Alvaro Alarcón.
  • Tuesday 24 May Valdefresno bulls for Daniel Luque, José Garrido and Juanito, alternative confirmed
  • Wednesday May 25 Bulls from Fuente Imbro for Diego Urdiales, Roca Rey and Gines Marin.
  • Thursday 26 May bulls from Juan Pedro Domec for Morante de la Puebla, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado.
  • Friday, May 27, bulls from Victoriano del Río for Diego Urdiales, Alejandro Talavante and Emilio de Justo.
  • Saturday, May 28, youth bullfight, Luis Algarra bulls for Gonzalo Caballero, Roman and David de Miranda.
  • Sunday, May 29, rejones, bulls from El Capea for Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Lea Vicens and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, confirm the alternative
  • Monday May 30th Bulls Samuel Flores-Isabelle Flores for Fernando Robledo, Morenito de Aranda and Damian Castaño, alternative confirmed
  • Tuesday, May 31, bulls from Jose Escolar for Octavio Chacón, Alberto Lamelas and Gomez del Pilar.
  • Wednesday, June 1, charity, Alcurrucén bulls for Morante de la Puebla, Emilio de Justo and Gines Marin.
  • Thursday 2 June Fuente Imbro bulls for Juan Leal, Joaquin Galdos and Rafael Gonzalez, alternative confirmed.
  • Friday June 3rd Bulls from El Puerto de San Lorenzo Ventana de El Puerto for Jose Maria Manzanares, Thomas Rufo and Alejandro Marcos confirm the alternative
  • Saturday 4 June bulls Adolfo Martin for Rafaelillo, Manuel Escribano and Alejandro Talavante.
  • Sunday, June 5, press bullfight, Victorino Martin bulls for Antonio Ferrera, Sergio Serrano and Roman.


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