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Here are the latest hygiene measures required for tourists traveling between the US, France and Canada. Note that there are other rules (not mentioned here) for “essential workers” and exceptions to vaccines, especially for health reasons, age, etc …

This article lists the entry requirements for mid-December, however the government can change them at any time for example, due to the arrival of a new variant. (1)


– 1 – What is needed to enter the United States

– 2 – What is needed to enter Canada

– 3 – What is needed to enter France

– 4 – What happens if I have a positive test for Covid during my trip to the US?

– 5 – Where and how to get a vaccine or booster in Florida

– 6 – Where and how to conduct a covid test in Florida

1 – To enter the United States:

– To pass US land borders, the only restriction is that people over the age of 18 must be fully vaccinated (except Americans) and have proof of vaccination.

Entrance by plane : Similarly, only Americans can enter their country without being vaccinated. The vaccines Accepted in the United States are: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Covishield, BIBP / Sinopharm, Sinovac, Janssen / J & J.

In addition, all persons over the age of 2 must have either and negative test on covid dating less than one day (2), or from a proof of recovery (Covid) less than 90 days. Thus, for example, the tests state that “if your flight is at 13:00 on a Friday, you can take the negative test, which was performed at any time the previous Thursday“. Antigen tests (ANTIGEN) are accepted for entry into the United States (as opposed to Canada), as well as molecular tests (such as PCR, TAN, NAAT, or RT-LAMP) if, of course, can be performed the day before departure. Antigenic tests usually give a faster result on the same day.

The Foreign Ministry website has “frequently asked questions”:

2 – To enter Canada:

– Passengers must use the mobile application ComingCan for the purpose of presenting travel details 72 hours before entering Canada:

– They must be vaccinated completely and for at least 14 days. Unvaccinated adult foreigners cannot enter Canada unless they have an exception (medical, etc.). Canadians returning to Canada should also be vaccinated if they do not want administrative complications. They can go home without the vaccine, but at that moment they will have to complete a fortnight (around a fortnight’s quarantine). In this case, he must have a plan for a fortnight: prepare for imprisonment in the “ArriveCan” application. This training is mandatory for all, but the unvaccinated know that they have a duty to put it into practice.

– Passengers must own a test carried out less than 3 days before crossing the border, both for air transport and for land vehicles. If a person has been outside of Canada for less than 72 hours, they are exempt from testing upon return. Canadian customs officers accept public and private American tests, but not all tests: antigen tests are not accepted.

– Canada is a country that, like many others, can set up new systems depending on current events, for example when a new variant arrives. We must therefore follow the news. For example, in the Omicron variant, flights from some African countries were banned. The usefulness of such a measure can be discussed (when these measures are taken, it is always too late: option is already distributed internationally). In any case, the rules can change very quickly and surprise travelers.

The Canadian government has developed an assistance questionnaire:

3 – To enter France:

From December 4, 2021 any person aged 12 and over entering French territory must submit a negative PCR test or antigen for less than 24 or 48 hours, depending on the country of origin : The delay (24 or 48) depends on the color (green, orange, red, etc.) assigned to the country of origin. The list is updated on the Ministry’s website:

Everyone must be too vaccinated, except for the French: they have the right to return to France unvaccinated, but then they will have to go to quarantine.

4 – What happens if I have a positive test on Covid during my trip to the USA:

It all depends on the condition in which your test is positive. In New York State, for example, the government picks up a passenger upon receiving a positive result and transfers him or her to an accredited accommodation free of charge until the passenger obtains a negative test result and can return home. It should also be noted that most airlines have relaxed their cancellation / delay rules since the onset of the pandemic to facilitate emergency changes. However, be careful to know these cancellation / deferral conditions in advance.

5 – Get a vaccine or revaccination in Florida:

People who own their house or who can prove (bills, etc.) that they have been renting in Florida for more than a month can get vaccinated for free and also use reminders. Site lists are managed by regions:


Palm beach:


Entire Florida:

Pharmacies affiliated with the US federal program offer a free booster: Costco, CVS, Publix, Sam’s Club, Walgreen’s, Walmart and Winn Dixie.

It is better to make an appointment and you must have proof of identity and proof of previous vaccinations.

6 – Take the test in Florida:

It is also carried out free of charge in pharmacies and public centers without great difficulty. Forms are often written for Americans, but most Snowbirds say there was no problem with them. Probably just leave the fields reserved for US insurance companies blank.

– 1 – As you may have noticed, the semi-closure of borders in Western countries has never stopped or slowed down pandemic waves, but this is the first thing most governments are doing. So when the first two Omicron cases appeared in Belgium, French Health Minister Olivier Véran had the astonishing statement “we will strengthen controls with Belgium”. As if the variant no longer returned to France and through the countries of many countries and means of transport. As if “Belgian checks” had changed something. But public policies like this are not always based on science …

We are talking about ‘semi-closure’ here, because when Western governments ‘close’ borders, thousands of professionals, bi-nationals and illegal immigrants, with or without a covid, pass through them every day. Complete closure of a country (such as New Zealand) or district (Australia, China) seems more effective. But this is not the case in the Western world (Canada, France, USA).

– 2 – Before December 6, 2021, the test was required a maximum of three days before entering the United States, but today it is actually three days.



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