All about Abdullah, the double of Cristiano Ronaldo who is sweeping the Net


Do we all have a double? It is a question that anyone has asked themselves at some point in their lives. According to a scientific investigation carried out by Manel Esteller -who collected the same biological material from two similar individuals- he established that human doppelgangers share similar variations in their DNA, particularly in relation to genes involved in the formation of the mouth, nose, eyes, chin and forehead. Research you seem to agree with bewar abdullahone of the well-known faces that is already sweeping the 2.0 universe for its similar to Cristiano Ronaldo.

While the Portuguese star is going through what could be defined as his professional Annus Horribilis, his double is not lacking in work. Under the name of @bewarabdullah on Tiktok, the young man from Kurdistan has been crowned as Ronaldo’s double. “Fans even hire me for their children’s birthday parties as a gift. I come and greet them, it makes them very happy ”, she explained to the sun, after having become a viral phenomenon on the network. Apparently, there are many people who stop him on the street to ask for a photographsomething that he has taken advantage of to get an economic return.


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His similarity to Georgina Rodríguez’s husband has led him to accumulate almost two million followers on Tiktok, the perfect showcase to show his fanaticism for the soccer player. “I earn a lot of money and I attract a lot of women”, he has confessed to the magazine, although unfortunately he will never be able to surpass the fortune of the Portuguese. “They yell ‘Ronaldo’ when they see me. Fans think we’re like an apple cut in half, because we look so much alike. When I have the opportunity to watch a Portugal game, the atmosphere is very good and they wait for Ronaldo to score so they can do the ‘siu’ of celebration”, he recounted. However, despite his success in the 2.0 universe and his great moment that he is going through, he still has a purpose to fulfill: “Meet the real Ronaldo one day. It’s my dream”.

Despite the fact that Cristiano has not commented on the matter, the truth is that it would not be surprising if we soon see a collaboration on Tiktok between both of them, since this platform has already become the ideal setting for advertising and, seeing the difficult moment in which the Portuguese star is, it would not be surprising if he resorted to social networks to come back. And it is that, since he granted a controversial interview to Piers Morgan in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with Manchester United, his professional career as a footballer has gone downhill, so much so that the English team has made the decision to terminate his contract.


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Something that made the forward go to the World Cup in Qatar without belonging to any team. During the biggest soccer competition, the athlete has not been without controversy either, because when he remained on the bench in the round of 16 match against Switzerland, it was speculated that He had threatened to leave the World Cup. Now, in the midst of the commotion that places him at the center of the controversy, it has begun to come to light that he could be about to sign for a team from the United Arab Emirates or the United States.


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