Alitalia’s waitress undressed in Rome and demonstrated to shut down the airline


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About 50 former flight attendants of Alitalia Alitalia They took off their work clothes and protested against closing the company. Alitalia closed on October 14 after being unable to face outstanding financial debts after operating for 75 years.

The protest took place in a central square in Rome. The unemployed waitresses took off their jackets, skirts, shirts and shoes simultaneously.The protest ended with a female scream “We are Alitalia!”.

Italian Air Transport (ITA) Will take over the long-established airline of the trans-mountain country. This new state-owned company employs 3,000 of Alitalia’s 10,000 employees.The contract provided by the new airline caused a dispute among employees Alitalia, They claimed it was “humiliation”.

withn In 2022, the number of employees will increase by 1,000 and reach 5,750 in 2025. They added that so far, about 30% of the employees are from the market and 70% are from Alitalia, mainly in flight crews.

At present, negotiations with the trade unions to recruit new employees are paralyzed, but the Italian authorities stated that they are convinced that an agreement can be reached, and regret that the company has not reached an agreement to withdraw.

New company from Friday, October 15 A network of 44 destinations and 59 routes, with a total of 191 flights (24 domestic and 56 international), will be 58 destinations and 74 routes by 2022; 74 destinations and 89 routes by 2025 .


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