Algeria accuses Morocco of closing the Maghreb natural gas pipeline: “It did not complete its mission”


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Algeria has assumed responsibility Morocco closes the Maghreb European Gas Pipeline (GME)Today, for the first time since taking office 25 years ago, it has stopped sending natural gas to Spain and Portugal.

In an interview with the local digital newspaper “Tout sur L’Algerie”, the confidant of the former Algerian ambassador to Brussels and the president of the Republic Abdul Majid Tebun hinted, Decision is final The closure of the land border in 1994 proves that Algeria’s decisions usually do not give in.

This pipeline is a bet on the future. The promise of our sincere commitment carried by the wishes of the Maghreb people. He explained that this is a tangible expression of our deep belief in the importance of regional integration and the added value of infrastructure from a Maghreb perspective.

Based on this argument, the diplomat emphasized that instead of betting on the construction of the Maghreb, Rabat should sink it and try to establish contact with the European Union.

“Unfortunately, Morocco failed to realize its historical ambitions He hijacked the grand Maghreb’s grand plan on the issue of Western Sahara and then sank it. He illegally occupied the territory,” he condemned.

Do not look back

The Moroccan media “instead of mourning the loss of the kingdom’s 25 years of huge nectar, while actively planning against the unity and integrity of our country (he insisted on looking like a victim). You have to understand, once and in short, what The new Algeria will no longer be fooled. Hostilities have a price, even if followers of subversion, manipulation and fake news may not like it,” he concluded.

Algerian President Abdelmedjid Tebboune last night confirmed the closure of GME-the company supplies products to Spain and Portugal through Moroccan territory-and the termination of the contract linking him to Morocco, and he severed diplomatic relations with Morocco in August last year.

The decision to cut off all relations between Sonatrach and the Moroccan electricity and water supply office is also a serious blow to the Moroccan economy. Approximately US$200 million lost every year, In addition to the millions of cubic meters of natural gas used to produce 10% of electricity, as a right-of-way fee.

Algeria has assured Spain Will keep the signed contract It will continue to be supplied via the Medgaz natural gas pipeline and LNG tankers that directly connect the two countries through the Mediterranean Sea.


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