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On Tuesday morning, Alexandre Benalla and his wife were detained by the police. This was against Russian oligarch Iskander Makhmudov and his former assistant Vincent Krass. Vincent Crase) signed a security contract as part of an investigation into suspected “corruption”, we learned from sources close to the case.

Alexander Benalla once again became the center of the investigation. Emmanuel Macron and his wife’s former advisers were detained on the morning of Tuesday, December 14. Assistant Vincent (Vincent) signed a security contract as part of an investigation into alleged “corruption”. Class.

As part of the preliminary investigation by the Office of the National Financial Prosecutor (PNF), Alexandre Benalla was sentenced in November for violent acts committed during the demonstration on May 1, 2018, and was suppressed by economic crimes The brigade (BRDE) interrogated and added that these sources confirmed information from Point and TF1.

In December 2019, former military policeman Vincent Crase, who was also convicted of the violence on May 1, was briefly detained in this case.

The PNF investigation specifically involved the security contract between Vincent Crase’s Mars and Iskander Makhmudov. The latter is a billionaire who is the leader of the Russian industrial empire. He also owns several properties in France and is under investigation in Spain for being suspected of being affiliated with a powerful criminal organization. However, according to the Madrid prosecutor, the document was sent to Russia in 2011 and was not subject to further classification.

According to Vincent Kress, it is not a “false contract”

In an interview in Paris Normandy in April 2019, former Gendarmerie Reserve officer Vincent Crase ruled out any violations in this contract. This is “a completely clear contract signed by a lawyer, not a false contract that I can sometimes read”, he told LREM’s former employees to make sure that he “never met” a Russian oligarch.

The contract “prescribes to ensure the safety and support of the children educated by this gentleman in Monaco, as well as the safety and support of Mr. Mahmudov when he comes to France.” He has never done so in the three months of this contract. Things,” he added.

Mediapart revealed in December 2018 that the existence of the contract was subcontracted to another security company, Velours, for which Alexandre Benalla worked from October 2014 to November 2015.

According to the website, Iskander Mahmudov was supposed to pay 294,000 euros for the contract, of which a little more than half—172,200 euros—was transferred to the Velours account.

Prior to the Senate’s investigation into the violence that occurred on May 1, 2018, Alexandre Benalla had assured that he was not involved in the negotiation of the contract.

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