Alexa Dellanos as an angel for her fans in orange Code List


It was through her stories where Alexa Dellanos once again decided to consent to her audience by sharing a new photograph that was taken with her cell phone, she does not need a professional camera to produce these snapshots in which she really manages to shine with her class. And beauty.

It is an entertainment that he shared for all the people who do not miss his profile and of course we had to rescue it so that they can enjoy it at the time they want, since it should be remembered that this section disappears after 24 hours and of course we had to rescue her to last in the Internet and her fans can see her.

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The “likes” began to arrive immediately, many of the Internet users are on the lookout for his name to find out what is new and as soon as they see that there is one, they do not think twice to enjoy the show.

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There is no doubt that the famous daughter of Myrka Dellanos She has everything to continue being one of the favorites and she will continue to strive to be even more recognized in this industry of modeling for social networks, which is the path she decided to follow.

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