Álex Casademunt’s family is pulling nails, David Bustamante

this The death of Alex Casademont It’s a pot of cold water for everyone who loves him, including colleagues who share with Catalans and enjoy participating experiences First edition Victory operation. The musician died in a fatal car accident in Bisbal last March Bustamante, Natalia and the company moved without hesitation Traveled to Barcelona to support his family during those very complicated moments.

Soon after the initial shock, Tribute to the concert. In addition to commemorating the singer, the idea of ​​the performance was to raise funds for Casa de Mont’s daughter, who was orphaned at only three years old.But first, COVID-19 caused the performance to be postponed from July to September, a few days ago people knew they had confirmed the concert Many names for “Operation Victory” And Marta Sánchez and others, Will be completely cancelled.

David Bustamante, distraught after the death of Álex Casademunt / GTRES

The fact that there is no statement explaining the reason for this decision has led to various rumors, and the large cache of participants is one of the most common rumors.According to the announcement, the The main problem is the high production cost For the planned program, we will have to add so many singers’ salaries, and they will not be willing to give it up. In these news, this name has always been the sharpest, but Álex’s family wants to fundamentally stop these accusations. Speaking of “it’s noon”, Álex’s brother Joan Casademunt vigorously defended David Bustamante, Assured that “it did not disappoint me at all. Bustamante is a good friend of this family, he keeps calling us…he is always 100% willing to be with us”.In addition, he added The friendship between David and Alex is very important to both of them, Make sure Bustamante is “a very special person in my brother’s life. It has been and will be. We want to solve this problem.”

All participants of the first
All participants of the first “Operación Triunfo” have become good friends / GTRES

But not only Cantabrian is protected by the Alex brothers. Casademunt defends every participant who confirms to participate in the tribute“The organization decided that artists should charge because the event is not free. Since then, all artists have told us indiscriminately that if we want to collect the money they want, we flatly refused. Thank God, no It is necessary to donate money to very healthy girls” and promised Alex that he would do that: “My brother, after two years of pandemic, I hope artists can make money.”

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