Alejandra Rubio has won awards for just 21 years of TV career


After a year of absence due to the pandemic, Sevilla Magazine resumed the 2021 most popular awards show that gave its awards on Thursday afternoon to recognize the works of some celebrities in the fields of culture, fashion, society and beauty.Among the winners, the presence of Rosa Benito and her daughter Chayo was highlighted, they coincided Gloria Camilla. Rosa López, Shaila Dúrcal, Alejandra Rubio, Gianmarco Onestini and Charo Reina are some of the people who shine on the red carpet.

Alejandro Rubio, in Seville / Gtres

Although there is no doubt that the daughter of Treru Campos gets the most attention at night. The Seville publications considered her to be one of the most important faces on the small screen this year, and therefore decided to award her this award. Since he had almost no experience of being an ordinary face in social chronicles for a year and a half, this difference surprised more than one person.

On March 7, 2020, Alejandra Rubio (Alejandra Rubio) made his debut Life After commenting on certain occasions Seduction controversy. At first his job was to comment on news Survivor 2020But from the beginning he made it clear that he wanted to stay. In the first show, he coincides with his mother, who is also a collaborator in the space hosted by Emma Garcia, and it turns out that she knows things very well.

Alejandra Rubio makes his first appearance in
Alejandra Rubio makes his first appearance in “Long Live Life” / Mediaset

Gradually, he became one of the most common faces every weekend, where he experienced some family events that marked his life with his mother, aunt and grandmother.For example, the weekend magazine published his Break with Alvaro Lobo And the beginning of her new and hopeful relationship with Carlos Agüera.

Going back to her awards session, Alejandra Rubio was very polite and smiling towards reporters, but she did not want to enter the assessment of family disputes, which surprised her. I just want to talk about the award you just won. His presence in front of the microphone lasted only 30 seconds. “Todo genial” is limited to saying that when he has to answer questions about Las Campos, this has become one of the places he travels most often in front of the media.

Alejandra Rubio, at a recent event / Gtres
Alejandra Rubio, at a recent event / Gtres

The influential man chose a long-sleeved dress with geometric prints, which was very elegant and paired with a trouser-style skirt in brown tones. As footwear, some Roman style stilettos. It should also be noted that Alejandra Rubio lucio her new model The second time in a few days. Blonde is history, now he shows off his brown hair. A few hours ago, we saw her in the Royal Theater wearing her best clothes: a kimono-style night blue suit jacket with a lapel and black underwear top.

Alejandra Rubio, at the Royal Theatre / Gtres
Alejandra Rubio, at the Royal Theatre / Gtres

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