Alejandra Onieva ‘replaces’ her brother with Sharon Stone in her most prestigious appearance


Despite the fact that lately if someone has stood out within the Onieva family it has been Íñigo as a result of his disloyalty towards Tamara Falcó, the truth is that there are other members of the clan who have never stopped shining. This is the case of his sister, Alejandra, who after having triumphed in the cinematographic field with her appearance in hits like The secret of Old Bridge either High seashas had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the jet set from this sphere, thus demonstrating that she is fully focused on her profession and is oblivious to everything that revolves around her brother, no matter how much she loves him.

Proof of this is his last evening for work reasons. Last night, and after having previously been seen on the red carpet of the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, Alejandra made a stellar comeback with the collaboration of Vanity Fair. An evening that had the presence of some of the best-known faces on the national scene with whom Onieva did not hesitate to take pictures, among which were that of Sara Sampaio or Lucy Hale’samong others.

But the role of the interpreter did not end there. Dressed in a very elegant long-sleeved red dress with a sequined V-neckline, signed by Redondo Brand, Alejandra was part of one of the top tables of the gala. And it is that, the artist had the opportunity to be next to great emblems of the stature of Sharon Stone, Carla Bruni or Priyanka Choprathus demonstrating that she is already part of the cast of the most outstanding actresses of all time, from whom she has been able to learn over the years, take note and thus improve in her profession, although making her identity stamp clear in all their collaborations.

It should be noted that Íñigo’s sister not only had the company of celebrities outside our borders. Rossy de Palma and Jon Kortajarena were also present at the event in question. The latter, without a doubt, is one of the most important pillars in Alejandra’s professional career, since he shared nerves and recording with her during the Netflix series High seaswhich was very well received on the entertainment platform.

Now, the one who would be Tamara Falcó’s sister-in-law has only one thing on her mind: to continue growing as an actress with her latest project. This is none other than The pelotarisa film produced by an American platform that tells the life story of a Basque player in the 1920s, being soon available on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and being one of Alejandra’s great bets for her future success, thus remaining firm in his convictions when ensuring that “85% of his happiness” comes from his work.


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