Alec Baldwin’s first words after the fatal accident


A few weeks have passed since the fatal accident that ended his life Haruna Hutchins, Filming Director.It happened on the Rust set Alec Baldwin Without knowing it, he took a pistol with live ammunition. In addition, the director of this movie, Joel Suza, Was also injured.Since what happened, it has been possible to see For the actors Completely frustrated with the situation in life. Now, he has talked to the media because he is under increasing media pressure, because he has not disclosed more information about the tragic tragedy.

Alec Baldwin is in New York. /Gtres

Alec Baldwin He walked through Vermont-Manchester-with his wife. After this decisive incident, the interpreter has stayed there, and he is now his strong support. The police investigation is continuing to clarify what happened that day, which is why the artist cannot provide much information.

Alex Baldwin took a walk.  /Gtres
Alex Baldwin took a walk. /Gtres

In the video played on the news portal TMZ When the reporter suddenly interrupted his way, Baldwin could be seen walking in the woods. So Alec stopped to answer some questions. “What do you want to know?”He said very sadly at first. I cannot comment because this is an ongoing investigation,” he added wearily.

“I received an order from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department [Nuevo México, donde se produjo el accidente]. I cannot answer any questions about the survey. I can’t,” he continued to explain to reporters. “She is my friend.The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start filming, I took her to dinner with director Joel,” said Alec Baldwin. In these days, the actor has ended Halyna Hutchins (Halyna Hutchins) And her son’s widower. In fact, the family of the director of photography also expressed support for the translation and exempted him from any accusations, as revealed a few days ago Sun“His mother will lose her mind because of pain,” the director’s father Anatoly Androsovic told the aforementioned media. «This little guy has been severely affected. Without a mother, he was lost,” Androsovic added, distraught.

Alec Baldwin and his wife.  /Gtres
Alec Baldwin and his wife. /Gtres

Alec Baldwin, completely depressed, finally said: “ set Shooting from time to time, but nothing like this. This is a one-billionth plot. “In this way, he settled the matter, and I can’t say more for the time being, because he has explained it well, and everything is in the hands of the relevant departments.

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