Alberto Lopez: “We have recent examples of wanting to move up the caste”


There are no two without three, and if not, let them tell Alfonso Sanchez and Alberto Lopez, comrades. Surprising everyone in 2012 The world is ours, where two quinques from Seville rob a bank in the middle of Holy Week, dressed as Nazirites; And the world is yours in 2018 where two students of Andalusian gentlemen they live their own special way of the cross, the world belongs to you, in which they put politicians at the target. Everything.

This time the action takes place outside Andalusia, namely on a farm belonging to the Marquise in Castile-la-Mancha. There, a businessman, a friend of the Marquise, invited the Chinese government sell empty Spain and repopulate it with the surplus population that China has, “no matter how productive they are, the La Mancha swamps turn them into rice fields, and they do that until it rains,” he jokes. Alfonso Sanchez during an interview with Alberto Lopez with Andrew Arconada for this movie.

“This metaphor makes a lot of sense, our world leaders are pushing us more and more to the limit, a citizen who gets up at 6 in the morning to go to work is very far from all these macro projects,” he adds. All politicians on duty will participate in this hunt: a conservative in a vest, a handsome socialist and pigtailed communist and university professor who is very environmentally friendly and vegetarian but loses to Iberian ham.

Monteria, which is missing only comrades, since Fali (Alberto Lopez), the son-in-law of a businessman, has been “transferred” and is now “wears weird pajamas, eats seaweed and does yoga“explains Alberto. Rafi (Alfonso Sanchez) has not been invited, he has not seen his comrade for a long time, and he manages to get inside to sell his idea Eurofair. “When you create characters like this, the creator has a moment that gets out of control and so my character Fali starts from the opposite end of what makes me happy, he has a bit of Oscar Wilde in him: “I can resist everything except temptation “.

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Alberto López defines the compadres “as two rascals from the middle or lower middle class”. Alfonso adds that “they have a knavery and a desire to rise to the social level, ascension to caste”, some of this “we have recent examples“, laughs Alberto Lopez. His friend Alfonso, laughing, explains that”Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.Alfonso defines Rafi as “a lustful and normal devil, an idealist, a romantic, a kind of Don Quixote, a victim of the world in which he had to live, in which he was sold the idea of ​​hitting the ball.” Something for which “your merit does not matter, but who you studied with or whom you know.”

The fact of removing compadres from Andalusia is to “take them out of their comfort zone and see how they function in this place without contact”. In the end, the comrades will meet again, and a thousand and one adventures await, because “The world belongs to you It’s a story of love and friendship, they start the movie apart and we’ll see how far they go to be friends again.” The world belongs to you it’s already in theaters.


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