Alberto de Mónaco reveals at what point Charlene’s recovery is


Princess Charlene has resumed her official agenda almost completely. Just over a year after her return to Monaco, Prince Albert’s wife has nearly fully recovered from the aftermath of the infection that caused her to spend so many months in South Africa, unable to travel home. However, despite the fact that her activity is increasingly intense, the former swimmer is not fully recovered.

This has been confirmed by the sovereign himself in statements he has made to a local media. The Prince has given an interview to the Nice Matin newspaper, where he has been very happy with the recovery of his wife. Of course, Alberto has preferred to be prudent about the state of the Princess. “I am very happy that his health has been improving and that he can be present at many more events”Alberto has declared.

Alberto de Monaco with Charlene in an act.

As the head of the Grimaldi House has revealed, his wife is still experiencing some consequences derived from the complicated process she had to go through: “she is tired at times,” said the brother of the princess of Hannover who, however, remains hopeful about a full recovery of the former swimmer.

Though the charlene’s schedule is more and more intense, with solo commitments, others with the sovereign and even trips abroad, Alberto confirms that, looking to the future, he will assume more responsibilities: “We still have to leave him time to compose himself and to assume other commitments, but he will”, he has stated emphatically. It should not be forgotten that, although the Princess did make an appearance this year on National Day, last year she could not be there, nor was she able to attend such an important celebration for the Principality as the festivity of holy devoteein January.

Alberto and Charlene with their children.

Despite the fact that right now she is quite recovered, Charlene has gone through a very difficult stage. Some sources close to the Grimaldi They have come to speak of an ‘ordeal’ that almost cost him his life, although the Palace has never referred to it in these terms. What is certain is that the infection he suffered in the upper airways made him undergo surgery on several occasions and caused significant sequelae from which, according to Prince Albert himself, he has not yet fully recovered, although he is on the right track

In this interview, the prince albert He has also taken the opportunity to talk about his children and how they have experienced the forced absence of their mother. The sovereign has stressed how fast they are growing and how mature they are. Likewise, he has highlighted the special relationship that exists between the two and that, despite the fact that the heir is Jaime, the Princes do not make differences in their education, since they consider it important that they support each other. “Gabriela will also have an important role and she has to be as prepared as possible, to be able to share responsibilities with her brother and help him”said Prince Albert.


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