Alba Carrillo: The suspicious image of her ending the relationship


No foretelling Alba Carrillo with Santi Burgoa Their relationship has ended. In the link that TV collaborators participated this Saturday, all alarms went off. Lucía Pariente’s daughter shared a photo with her followers in which she appeared from the back in a purple dress. Although the most eye-catching thing is its title: “Single again!”.

Alba Carrillo announced that he was single. /Instagram @albacarrillooficial

In addition, neither the model nor the reporter followed each other on social networks. There is no trace of the love that has lasted for nearly two years. On August 31, the correspondent posted a message and Carrillo commented on some heart-shaped emoticons.

Of the plan Celebrities It was revealed that there may be a third party and infidelity, which is the reason why his love story has an expiration date. The above format shows that everything shows that Alba will find a new illusion, a colleague who also works at Mediaset.

Alba Carrillo in the file image.  /Gtres
Alba Carrillo in the file image. /Gtres

Santi Burgoya once again showed his caution and did not comment on the matter. In the past few months, I have seen countless family affections on the Internet. Apart from anything else, as they celebrated their second anniversary, the TV did not hesitate to present an affectionate message to his partner. «I love your life. Yes, you got my best. This feeling… I want it forever. Happy two years by your side», Alba wrote.

Alba Carrillo and Santi Burgoa met in makeup. “I turned around and saw him and said, oh my goodness!” Feliciano López said while participating in the Big Brother VIP competition. As far as Patinho is concerned, he admits that he feels what is happening in his life because “I always observe people.”

“I’m not surprised by the news of the breakup. I can’t contribute anything to the so-called infidelity. We will see what Alba says next week, but you did emphasize a basic fact. I see her happy and happy. Calm, serene…” -Partner is in the eyes of the hurricane.

Santi Burgoya’s surprise for Alba Carrillo

Just two months ago, Santi Burgoa gave Alba Carrillo a birthday surprise. It was July 31st. In a restaurant in Madrid, the reporter and Isabel Rábago’s party blew 35 candles.

During dessert time, Alba received a cake full of candles while listening to their songs in the background happy BirthdayCarrillo covered his face with his hands and kept repeating “What a shame, what a shame! After the traditional birthday ceremony, the collaborator approached Santi and kissed him on the cheek, thanking him for the gesture he made to her.

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